If you haven’t heard of Pazuzu, you would most certainly have heard of the pieces that come together like Voltron to create the hard hitting, heavy spitting trio. G Fam Black x Plague Magician x The Heretic are the dark, moody minds behind this rugged, menacing project titled ‘Evil Thoughts‘. Plague and Heretic are responsible for the score, which is equal parts eerie, chilling and entertaining. And who better to deliver the bars than G Fam Black who not only has a pen game that’s on point, but has one of the most commanding voices in hip hop. His gutteral flow seems perfectly designed to bring life this supernatural soundtrack filled with occult-themed songs and a dark, pulsating energy.

The Evil‘ is straight up eerie and dark, which is the perfect introduction for what is about to come, but things really start to ramp up when we get ‘Black David Koresh‘ where that gravelly flow of G Fam Black kicks the speakers in with his crazed, deranged thoughts. This track is menacing and its moody vibe just penetrates your headphones with purpose. ‘No Cartoon‘ keeps the dark undertone, but the guitar riff provides another level, wailing its way through the track like a beautiful, musical scream which pairs well with G Fam Black’s evil flow.

The balaclava’d body snatcher drops heavy bars on ‘Potters Field‘ and the hook is melancholic yet pins the verses together like Buffalo Bill stitches his woman suit, then ‘Rumor Has It‘ is equally as catchy with its deliberately gloomy production and verses. ‘Stanley Milgram‘ has a mystical-vibe intertwined within the production, not unlike an 80’s computer game, but Pazuzu aren’t playing around, delivering another captivating and unapologetic track. Next up, if you want a concrete cracking, dark, street anthem – these cats have you covered with ‘Komodo Dragon‘ which, in short, is sinister as all fuck.


The explosive ‘Heineken Molotovs‘ really gets the neck snapping because the production, while still evil, has an element of crispness to the drumwork, and G Fam Black relishes the opportunity to pair with fellow Knuckle Dragguz emcee P-Ro. The two emcees deliver that street poetry with a rugged, brashness, exploding on the track much like the molotov cocktail it’s named after. ‘Notre Dame Cathedral‘ certainly delivers on the song title, an almost ethereal layer seeping through the drums and gruff, cement crushing commentary, before the album concludes with ‘Burn It Down‘ featuring Leo CaSeeNo, delicate keys dancing over deliberate drums and a hook that is light and catchy, in stark contrast to the lyrical content from G Fam and Leo.

Bangers: Komodo Dragon, No Cartoon, Heineken Molotovs, Burn It Down.

Score: 9 / 10. This is undeniably dark and evil so it’s not going to suit everyone, but if you dig kick ass production paired with heavyweight bars, then you’ll appreciate this. The entire project is captivating, like a car crash that you can’t look away from. It draws you in, and there is always something, an audio clip or soundbyte, an intricacy in the production OR some wild and crazy quotable from G Fam Black, that you are just engaged with. Give this album more than one listen – and let it wash over you like a dark wave, give you goosebumps, then go back and spin it again and again.

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