tannins and terps

If you’re looking to expand your horizons and listening palate, then you’re gonna want to tap in to ‘Tannins & Terps‘ from Vorheez & Pancho Trackman. The five track EP is a killer package of clever lyricism, funky beats and a really dope vibe that gives you those summertime / exotic island feels.

The quarantine brainchild of Sao Paulo, BRA producer Pancho Trackman and Massachusetts MC Vorheez, ‘Tannins & Terps‘ is named after the different chemicals that combine to flavour our favourite intoxicants. All beats are un-looped- played live on MPC, or “finger-drummed” by Trackman, giving the album a dynamic, spontaneous delivery that separates it from much of the cookie-cutter hip hop today. 

A refreshing listen that can just sit on repeat all day, check it out below and enjoy the ride.

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About The Author

By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!