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It was promoted as a battle of two of the most iconic hip hop artists of all time, a Verzuz for the ages, the one we all wanted and finally got. And even with such a huge build up, expectations that were higher than Snoop Dogg backstage at a Cypress Hill concert – it delivered, exceeded and transcended everything.

This concept has come on in leaps and bounds from basements and home studios to the big stage and two of the biggest names in hip hop history controlled the mic, the stage, the crowd and the evening with a poise and professionalism that is rarely matched. The DJ’s were first class of course, not just with their ability to play a pivotal role without stealing the shine, but just highlighting their importance to the battle, their role in the culture and the relationship with the artists and the crowd. Props HAVE to be given to DJ Scratch (Big Daddy Kane) and Kid Capri (KRS-One) and they should be recognised and cherished in their own right. Spoiler alert: they had their moments with a nice little scratch battle towards the end of the evening until Kane sonned ’em!

The comments section of the IG Live were full of some of the biggest names in hip hop and entertainment just being fans. Fabolous, Royce Da 5’9″, Missy Elliott, Larenz Tate, Killer Mike, Tyrese, DJ Khaled, Funkmaster Flex, Common, Pusha T, Alchemist, Fat Joe and PLENTY more, were giving props to the old school and legendary emcees. They were enjoying the show, in awe of the performances and just enjoying the vibe and taking it back to the essence. This was a true celebration of the entire hip hop culture, not just two of the best emcees going bar for bar…..

But the stars of the night were two 50+ men who had so much energy it put the younger demographic to shame! Their stage presence and performances, the breath control to deliver epic bars without ever falling off – it was exceptional. Even the lack of a posse on stage, but the right mix of feature performers like Nice & Smooth, Das EFX, the conversations between the two, the breakdancing, deejaying, and other elements, the Big L and other tributes, the energy and respect shared…. it all made this a classic night for hip hop. Old cats, in the new format, bringing everyone involved in the culture together.

As to ‘who won’? We all did, the culture did. Roxanne Shante, Craig G, Masta Ace, Buckshot…. tracks like South Bronx, The Symphony, Ain’t No Half Steppin etc…… This was a masterclass and we’re lucky to have witnessed it. It’s impossible to choose when there is greatness on both sides. Now, if y’all excuse me, I gotta put some ice on this neck and unscrunch my face…..

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