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First we give a shoutout to Ty Farris for the advanced copy of this new joint so we could peep it ahead of time and let you all know what to expect. We’ve rocked with Ty for a minute, and even interviewed him back at the start of the year, so be sure to check that piece out too. But now, what you’ve all been waiting for – the Raw Side Hip Hop treatment for the new Ty Farris & Bozack Morris album ‘Wired Different‘.

Ty has been telling you all to expect something out the box on this one, and he’s keeping it 100 with you. This album IS different to some of the Detroit lyricists other projects like the No Cosign just Cocaine series – but it’s equally as dope. The first single that everyone would have heard by now is ‘Streets Made Me an Offer‘ and it’s vicious – killer bars over an electro-infused track that sets the tone for the album in a big way. Ty spits bars like:

“The people feel that my pain is real /
It hide in my brain it remain concealed /
Streets made me a offer and I had to take the deal”

“The pros of running with cons I learned them quickly /
The road to riches slippery if you crash you guilty”

Ty has always been one of the best lyricists in the game (even if massively underrated outside of the Detroit and underground scene), but this new album he takes the pen game to the next level, infusing clever, witty wordplay with real introspective street bars. And of course, delivered with that crisp, passionate flow.

Another standout track is ‘Social Media‘ which is essentially the audio equivalent of ‘The Social Dilemma’ that people have been raving about on Netflix. Ty addresses the current state of the world and society, living their life online and caring more about ‘likes’ and other meaningless things and the damage this is having on us as people. It’s a really poignant track that really makes you say…damn…..

The features on this album are minimal, but well placed and well-delivered. Bozack Morris creates the perfect soundtrack for Pahlavi & M.A.V on ‘All or Nothin’ while ‘Treachery‘ features Rome Streetz and has that iconic, grimey, street sound that suits the delivery and content. Smoovth joins Farris on ‘Cold‘, a haunting, eerie, introspective track that invokes some real emotion. But it’s the final track that really completes the opus. ‘What God Made Me‘ is a wonderfully crafted tale of Ty Farris with Melanie Rutherford on the hook. The raw and honest insight into THE Ty Farris is exceptional and once again just shows the depth and creativity of him as an emcee.

‘Wired Different’ is a fantastic hip hop album that has dope beats, quality bars and replay value. PRE-ORDER it now and get ready to tap in. Drops 13 November 2020.

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