For those who haven’t heard of Manhunt Crucial, let’s wake them up. Give us your story.

Born in Owensboro Kentucky placed of the last public hanging….Google Rainey Bethea. My Ma moved to St. Paul with my two younger brothers and older sister when I was 12. I was left with my dad who worked all the time so I was outside early. My grandmother stayed in one of the two black neighborhoods in our city where I lived growing up. My dad had a factory job and my mom was going to nursing school so when we started doing better they bought a house in one of the new suburbs of the city. Wasn’t nothing really out there so I stayed with my grandmother. Started getting into all kinds of shit so my grandmother had my ma send for me. I started High School in Minnesota and that was my first introduction to a lot of shit. Most of my family on my ma’s side lived in either St. Paul or Minneapolis so I would take the bus or ride bike and link up with them. I always used to
write raps but never took it serious until one day my partner Lil Dawg told that my shit was dope and I needed to write songs. I took his advice and here we are.

Who have been some of your influences growing up?

I had an example of every type of hustler on my family tree so I picked on all the different things I was going to have to do to be independent from each one of them and infused it. The game I got from them let to me gravitating towards C-Bo, 2pac, but that was back when you supported a whole label and everybody on it. I would buy every Rap-a-Lot, A.W.O.L., Death Row album. I also fell in love the Bay area and East Coast super lyrical niggas.

You suffered severe hardship with kidney failure. Talk the readers through that and how you’ve come out the other side to be here making dope music.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with LUPUS…shout out to Trick Daddy and J Dilla. It’s an auto immune deficiency that attacks any and every system of the body. My LUPUS came after my kidneys. I first went on dialysis in 2006. Kidneys came back until 2009. Kidneys came back again until 2012. Kidney’s came back a 3 rd time in 2016. 2017 I got a transplant and it failed last May. It’s been a never ending fight about who and what to trust from medical
professionals form medicines to advice. I had to become real active in my healing process to develop a clear understanding of where I was going wrong. I’m currently on dialysis weighing the risks and reward of another transplant.

I first discovered you with the Commonwealth joint. Talk us through your catalogue and also any upcoming projects.

I wrote that Commonwealth in the penitentiary. I wanted to give a picture of how it is to be locked up with a severe illnesses dependent on the mercy of DOC. I wanted to convey the frustration and encapsulate the minds of those who set the rules and boundaries around our stay as prisoners and how we are cared for while there.

As far as the catalog goes I have 11 albums. I have 5 up on all platforms and the rest I’ll be releasing soon under my Black Habeas Entertainment Imprint. It all started with Greenhouse Effect part 1 and 2, Then Domino Effect, Anhydrous, High Crimes and Misdemeanors then K.E.T.U.C.K.Y. I just finished the album L.O.Y.A.L (Love Outside of Yourself Ain’t Love). This whole project was produced by the Underground Legend Rob Lo from the Bay. His credits are infinite. His sound is one of kind and I have been a fan of the sound since the Mob Figaz.

What are your goals over the next 12 months and how are you spending the ‘COVID-19 quarantine’?

In the next 12 months I aim to get deeper off into the executive side of
releasing my music. I expect plenty of meetings and travel, stitching the rest of this movement together. I’ve been back on dialysis since last May so Covid-19 hasn’t really changed the way I operate. I have a studio in my house so I can create upon inspiration. I learned early on about the lessons of waiting on other people so its just more independent progression in
my future. Total Health Total Wealth.

Are there any artists who may be out there reading this that you’d like to work with?

It’s too many to name em all, so I’m just going to name the producers. DJ Fresh, Mechanix, 1500 or Nuthin’, JP Bangz, AK-47, L-Finguz, Big KRIT, David Banner, and the Dungeon Family. My list might cause people to think I don’t fuck with the East Coast but I do trust me.

How can people show you love and stay in touch?

Follow me on Instagram @manhuntcrucialx or hit my fan page on Facebook Manhunt Crucial. Either one of those pages will take you to my fan page where you can route straight to all of my albums. Subscribe to Manhunt Crucial on Youtube too. All my albums are up or will be soon.

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