The SnowGoons are a well-loved identity in the underground hip hop scene – crafting some of the hardest, concrete cracking tracks of all time for a host of your favourite rappers, so we were really pleased when the Goons accepted the call out to spend a bit of time diving deeper into who they are and what makes them tick. Iconic for their chest thumping sound, hard drums, and engaging energy – they’ve worked with the ‘who’s who’ of hip hop, created an online megastore with fantastic threads and merch AND stayed true to themselves and the game.

Check out the interview from the SnowGoons (DJ Illegal, Det Gunner and Sicknature) below and be sure to follow them on ALL the socials to stay up to date and show your support for one of hip hop’s favourite crews.

Over 20 years in the game, you’ve released more albums that we can list and you’ve worked with some incredible people. Can you give us a bit of a background to the SnowGoons – how you came about, who’s helped and inspired you etc?

DJ Illegal: Yes we started in the late 90s but dropped out first official Album in 2007. It took us a long time to build on our connection. It mostly started with the tours in Europe and working with artists while on tour. Later on Ill Bill was a big teacher for us because he showed us the way to be an independent artist.

9 Years ago you launched Goon MuSick, your own record label. What prompted that and how have you found balancing the commitments of everything?

DJ Illegal: It was only a matter of time till we found our own label. We always wanted to be 100% independent and even though it is hard work it is totally worth it. Me, Det Gunner and Sicknature started the label to be in total control of our music and also to have our freedom to drop whatever, whenever we want to do so.

For me, Goon Bap is one of the all time great records – do you have a ‘favourite’ SnowGoons album?

Sicknature: Goon Bap. The album was in a sense a tribute album to 90s hip-hop and I feel that the sound and topics were mixed well. Plus, I think the album dropped at the right time. It involved a lot of guests that we grew up listening to and songs like “Goon Bap” and “Freedom” expresses how 90s hip-hop music impacted our lives. It is, in my opinion, the most solid and best thought out album from Snowgoons.

How have you managed to continue to stay true to your ‘signature’ sound but also move with the times to be so relevant in the modern game?

Sicknature: As a creative person, I try not to think too hard about what I can or can´t do. I don´t really consider our sound to be modern. I guess the combination of being inspired heavily by 90´s hip-hop and inventing a sound that is our own, is why it is a timeless sound. However, as a producer, I would never let certain labels dictate my work flow. I think it is important that it comes naturally.

Can you run the reader through a ‘normal’ day in the life of the Snowgoons?

DJ Illegal: Beside the regular life we digging all type of sounds from any source. Movies, games, worldmusic or whatever makes some noise. And like Illegal said already the label and online store takes a lot of our time. We have only a handful of people working for us like APRock who is our publisher or Martin who is running the shop. Or the Snowgoons DJs from DJ Danetic, DJ Sixkay and DJ Crypt who also going to produce now more music for the Snowgoons. Overall we have a super strong team and thats what its all about.

What’s the process for crafting beats?

DJ Illegal: For me personal it always starts with the sample. I hear something and mostly I already hear the beat with drums and the loop in my head and I try to reach what I had in my head already. Sometimes I can’t do justice to my ideas but also sometimes it works even out better. Thats what I love about doing music. The are no rules or criteria that dictates you what to do or not. Pretty much everything is possible with a little piece of sound. So it’s only up to you whatever you flip that into.

You’ve become an iconic name in the hip hop underground and now an iconic ‘brand’ with your GoonsGear clothing line etc. How do you feel when you see people rocking the gear worldwide?

Det Gunner: Thanks for the compliment. It all came natural. We always been into fashion or brands to a certain level of course as a regular Hip Hop head you always define yourself also on how you look. We just having fun in creating designs and ideas and bring them to live like the Snowgoons Gloves, Beanies, Split Hoodies and so on. It makes us very proud when somebody is rocking our brand and we appreciate the love. It all goes back into our music at the end of the day.

What’s coming up? I hear you have some works with Reef the Lost Cause in the pipeline? What can you tell fans to keep an eye out for?

DJ Illegal: Reef is only one of the projects we working on. Specially Reef is basically Snowgoons Family. But Sicknature got a new Project coming up and we just finished the Lords Of The Underground – So Legendary Project and it will dropping soon. We got a bit sidetracked with the Crisis right now but we will be back on track real soon.

It seems like every week you’re dropping SOMETHING like a new video etc. What’s the best way for people to stay informed with all things Goons?

Det Gunner: We got the official Pages from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter where we always post everything that’s going on. The best way is to follow the pages even the other pages from all the Goon members like the Snowgoons DJ’s and you will not miss anything. We wanna say thanks again to every single person supporting our movement. We all keep Hip Hop Alive.

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