Raw Side Hip Hop

The Raw Side Hip Hop Awards 2021 – Nominees Announced

The second Raw Side Hip Hop Awards are here, representing the best and realest hip hop from the past 12 months. Once again, we see the ‘dope ass dozen’ represented, with 12 nominees for 12 categories showcasing the art, the music, the culture and highlighting the people that MAKE it what it is. With in excess of 500 releases considered, this task was even harder and more intense than last year, which just speaks to the effort people are putting in to making the hip hop community what it is.

Also, we acknowledge there are many other people involved with these projects and we can’t possibly know them all, so we’d love YOU to help us give them their props by tagging or hitting up our social media to let us know the important role they played in an album, track, video, cover etc. The point of these awards isn’t to divide, but to include and promote EVERYONE who helps make hip hop great. And we know a LOT of this is all about personal taste, style etc.

The WINNERS of the Raw Side Hip Hop Awards will be announced soon, but we’re gonna make sure we give the NOMINEES enough air space to get their shine, because they deserve it! So stay tuned via our website and social media channels for more info on that. Peace.

The award period is for releases from 14 November 2020 – 14 November 2021which allows us time to work through the incredible number of projects and still get the awards out in that calendar year.

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