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If you haven’t been paying attention to The Opioid Era, then you’ve been missing out on some really dope hip hop over the past few years. Coming out of Virginia, this three-headed hip hop monster consists of King Kong Gotcha, Ambassador Rick and Grunge Gallardo – and they’re making some incredible music.

The most recent instalment in the ever-increasing catalogue of classics is ‘3x Dope Southside Edition‘ which dropped last month and is making waves among hip hop heads. If you know their work, it’s more of the same – dope lyrics, clever wordplay, fantastic synergy on the mic and every track all over high quality beat choice and razor sharp production.

If you’re new to The Opioid Era crew, then you’re in for something special. The trio are unrelenting in their approach to continuously make hip hop that pushes the boundaries, appeals to all, and never compromises it’s quality. At any given time, you’re transported through the musical landscape… is it West Coast? Is it boom bap? How can these guys capture and deliver that ‘Clipse’ sound so effortlessly…. Ok, we’ve given you the taste, it’s time for you to get the bump.

3x Dope Southside Edition is a really solid joint. The intro ‘Pimp Speaks’ is a classic and a great way to start off the listening experience. From there though, it’s seriously good hip hop. ‘Black Ice‘ is an upbeat ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ kind of track which is BANGING. ‘9 milli‘ gives you those bay area, funky flowing, cowbell beating braggadocios bars, while ‘Witch‘ is a flipped ode to ‘Holiday / 12 Scanner’ which was a standout on the Bulworth soundtrack back in the day.

We get a more sinister sounding joint when ‘Cheese‘ hits the headphones, before ‘Break Em Off‘ brings back that funky vibe, with introspective commentary bars. ‘Swamp‘ is a solid track, murky with funk-infused drums while the albums closes out with ‘Ease The Pain‘, an inspiring, dark tale with a haunting hook. All in all, this is musical gumbo – a bit of everything and a hearty, filling joint to digest.

You can catch The Opioid Era on most streaming services and wherever you seek out that dope, high quality, raw hip hop. And make sure you support the culture and art by copping some of their joints via Bandcamp etc.

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