Thursdays are generally known in the Hip Hop world as ‘Throwback Thursdays’, but we are gonna do something a lot of sites DON’T do and that’s show love to some of the great albums we’ve all enjoyed over the years and we’re calling it ‘The Dust Off Series‘. No one pays homage enough and at Raw Side we are about everything Hip Hop, new, old, music, culture, the works.

KRS-ONE Album Cover

You can’t talk about classic albums without mentioning KRS ONE at least a few times. He’s a hip hop God, legend, pioneer and on top of that he is always putting out dope hip hop and has one of the best catalogues in the game. His self titled sophomore album is near perfect. It has so many good tunes, it is one of those albums you can’t decide which one is your favourite. From ‘De Automatic’ Ft. Fat Joe with it’s big beat funky flava to ‘MCs act like they don’t know’ (produced by the one and only DJ Premier and happens to be one of my fav Premo beats) which is the epitome of a rap song to ‘Free Mumia’ featuring the legendary Channel Live duo (Tuffy & Hakim Green) who KRS discovered and their Debut album came out the same year and of course featured one of the best hip hop bangers of all time ‘mad-izm’ to Squash all beef. I could mention every track of why it’s good! After nearly 25 years it’s one of those albums that just gets better with time and every revisit. KRS is always there, he never sleeps on Hip Hop and it would not be the same without The Teacher.


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