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“I wanna know how hectic its gonne be with this Screwball Y2K thing?”. “Its one of those things that’s going to blow up!” love intros like this. Real, not rehearsed! I could and usually go through the good tracks and talk about why they are so good but we would have to say that about every track on Y2K as it’s a perfect album, so instead I’m going to tell a bit of a back story into how Screwball came about and a little history plus a bit of album info! Blaq Poet (Wilbur Bass) in the early 90s was a part of PHD (Poet and Hot Day) who parted ways about 96 and their only album is called ‘Without Warning’, that was released about 90’ 91’. KL (Kenneth Lewis) and Kyron AKA Solo (Kyron Jones) used to be in a duo called Kamakazee! Solo gave a CD to Marley Marl and Marl wanted to work with Solo and at that time Marl had a deal with Warner bros and it was around the same time KL moved to QB, he was originally from Far Rockaway and KL moved to QB and was living at Poets house as Poet and KL are family (cousins). KL and Solo started the Kamakazee thing at that point. KL released a few singles alone as Solo was on the run from the law. The Track ‘On the Real’ was on their album along with ‘The Bridge 95’. Hostyle (Frederick Ivey) was introduced on the B side to one of their singles. Warner decided to axe its whole urban music department and Kamakazee lost their deal and now had an album just sitting there! After that, we would soon see KL, Solo, Blaq Poet and Hostyle all merge and Create Screwball, which was at first called Madmen and they had a few singles titled ‘Set it Off’ and ‘Madmen Styles’ but they switched it up as Poet thought the name was too negative and it was Poets idea to name the group after their late friend ‘Louis Chandler AKA Screwball’. One track we will touch on is ‘Who Shot Rudy’ being how controversial it was. Back in 1999/2000 i had no clue who Rudy was as we didn’t have the internet and i wasn’t from America but still loved this track as i just felt it. A few years later about 03′ when i got my first PC, i found out that Rudy was actually the Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani! you have heard ‘Mayor Giuliani’ in numerous tracks and yes, That’s Rudy in ‘Who Shot Rudy’!

Back in the day I was going out to record stores and even big stores who always had some good hip hop and I would buy anything I could listen to and thought it sounded dope! Y2K is one of those albums and from the very first listen I thought it was one of the best albums I have ever heard and it still is to this day. It’s an absolute classic and up there with the most critically acclaimed to the most underrated, it is top 10 albums of all time material and I’d give Y2K a perfect 10/10!

It is mostly produced by ‘Mike Heron’ with contributions from ‘DJ Premier’, ‘Pete Rock’, ‘Godfather Don’, ‘V.I.C.’, ‘Ez Elpee’, ‘Max Vargas’, ‘A Kid Called Roots’ and Marley Marl and features Capone & Noreaga, Triple Seis, MC Shan, Prodigy, Godfather Don, Nature, Nashawn, Prince AD, Havoc and Cormega. KL passed away in 2008 after an asthma attack and Hostyle passed away this year January. The group has now changed in members and now it consists of Blaq Poet, Kyron AKA Solo, Scape Scrilla and Ty Nitty from Infamous Mobb and Ty is actually the younger brother of Loius Chandler AKA Screwball. I really hope we get a new Screwball album sometime soon . R.I.P. KL (Kenny Lou) and Hostyle (Frederick Ivey).

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