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Now, when talking about underrated artists or albums ‘Lex Starwind’ (Lost Children Of Babylon and The Foundation Representative) and his album ‘Outlaw Star’ is one of the first things I mention. I remember sharing it in a Facebook group and everyone loved it. Criminally underrated at that. Lex is one of the best lyricist I’ve ever heard and keeps it a hundred and raw and never let’s up. Production is on point and contributors are Jon Murdock , Vanderslice, Sagittarius (Sadge), Stretch The Mad Scientist (LCOB) and Nuckulls (Lex’s Uncle). Straight from the jump Outlaw Star gets it poppin! ‘One Man Army’ has that military style samples and raw fast flow delivered perfectly by Lex Starwind, Jon Murdock and Nuckulls. ‘Tae Kwon Flo’ is as the title suggests, it’s super lyrical with both Lex and Jon Murdock burning the track and the hook cuts are just fire, perfect words from both ‘Nas’ and ‘Method Man’. Now ‘Garbage’ (produced by Stretch The Mad Scientist) is a big banger and one of my favourite cuts from the album. The samples, drums, lyrics and hook are hard body. ‘Never Slept’ again is straight fire (In fact we could say that about every track and I’m going too) and features non other than AOTP’s own ‘Reef The Lost Cauze’.

‘Real Hip Hop’ as you can imagine is about the state of hip hop and I love tracks that talk about hip hop and the industry! There’s nothing better than a dope artist talking about how others be f***ing up the game and how big executives exploit rappers. ‘Red Rose’ is a personal favourite of the album and is deeper than the other tracks but still gets lit up and damn the lyrics “Pushing stocks up and down, Dow Jones, foul homes, dial tones, when the cops go around, news flash up on comcast, Bill’s high as fuck, LV and Marc Jacobs but you fiends buy it up, but you can’t pay you child support and that’s the foulest sport and still come up on a vial of snort and a bag of smoke, n****s laugh and joke and they wonder why half us broke, listen, got a rumble in the tummy n****s let the fifth pop, now they sitting up north with funny n****s Chris Rock, acting gay, it’s like you had to stay, hit the streets turned thug now it’s back to yae, but other n****s selling half price, matinee, but you was bitchin and poppin but you had to pay, the price is high, but in this life you try, to get ahead, click of led, kiss your life goodbye” now that is what you call lyrical damage!

‘Stop Playing’ features the one and only ‘Sean Price’ (rest in peace) and you know when Ruck is on any track it’s gonna be sick and trust me it is. ‘Star Light’ has a great east coast vibe and sounds like it’s straight outta QB and could of even been produced by Alchemist or Havoc! ‘Six Shooter Love’ has one of the best atmospheric feels to it and that was the intention I take it. If you’re still reading and never heard this album you should be itching to get it poppin, as you can tell every track is beyond fire! ‘Walk On by’ picks up the vibe a bit and man I love this track the humming/melody just has you humming along too and that’s beautiful. ‘Simply the best’ is another banging anthem with some recognisable samples and Lex teams up with Reef The Lost Cauze again and is produced by Vanderslice. ‘Call The Ambo’ is a more chilled affair but trust me it’s still raw. Slang Talk Reloaded sees Ricky Fitz start the track off with lyrical darts then Both Jon Murdock and Lex Starwind follow with equal measure fire bars. the last four tracks roll out nice to top a great album off. Short story long, if I was to review this album when it dropped it would have got a 9.5 and is easily in my top 20 maybe 15 best albums of all time.

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By Brutus Maximus

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