Busta Rhymes - When Disaster Strikes Cover Album

When Disaster Strikes is one of those albums that just doesn’t seem to age and gets better as it gets older. This album and even Busta never get mentioned as top 5 or 10 and I can’t see why! This album is an absolute classic. I remember when it dropped and it was  ground breaking. Didn’t sound like anything out and Busta was also so original and had his own raw style. He has more flows and styles on this album than most have in their whole career. Even with so many different flows, styles, beats and overall variation it manages to be totally cohesive and that’s something of a rarity. When ‘The Coming’ dropped we all knew Busta was a breath of fresh air and someone unique and when I heard the first single off ‘When Disaster Strikes’ ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’ I knew this album was gonna be even better than an incredible debut album. ‘Put Your Hands’ sounded like nothing else ever made (still sounds fresh 23 years later) and what a great video too (one of the best hip hop videos ever) and both ground breaking.  

Most of the production was thanks to ‘DJ Scratch’, a few tracks by ‘Rashad Smith’ with ‘Agallah’, ‘Rockwilder’, ‘Easy Mo Bee’, ‘Puffy’ contributing one a piece and two tracks by busta himself. One of them happens to be ‘Turn It Up’ which is one of the most Gangster funk soul James Brown super badass type shit and love rocking that tune in the whip in the summer with the volume high and windows low.

Busta Rhymes - When Disaster Strikes Back Cover

Even with it’s success and it being a near perfect album due to the fact it had everything (radio friendly bangers, street bangers and club bangers) it still isn’t mentioned enough as one of the best albums in hip hop and it is just that. Busta’s first 3 albums with the apocalypse theme are some of the best work in music and one of the best musical trilogies. Heard that Bus-A-Bus next album is taking it back to his roots and a hip hop album to the fullest degree. Let’s hope the rumours are true!

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