Best Hip Hop Albums of 2021

We’re almost halfway through 2021 and already there has been an INCREDIBLE amount of dope music to hit the headphones. We’ve bumped over 250+ projects so far including albums, EP’s etc and let me tell you right now – hip hop is in a DAMN good place. This newest golden age has been prevalent for about 3 or 4 years now, and 2021 might just be the cream of the crop so far. Hard to determine it without revisiting all the dopeness of the past few years, but one thing is for sure, after delivering our inaugural Raw Side Hip Hop Awards last year, the task has only been made all the more difficult in 2021!

We have been treated to some VERY long awaited projects such as the HRSMN, Lloyd Banks and DMX. Others we haven’t waited as long for but the anticipation is ALWAYS high – think Skyzoo, Apathy, Slaine and more – and then we get some incredible ‘didn’t know we wanted, but we damn sure needed‘ joints like Knuckle Dragguz, Weapon E.S.P, Rikers Island Boxing School….. and plenty more. Can’t nobody EVER say hip hop is dead, when we’re sitting here with nearly 300 joints of varying dopeness and trying to highlight some of the most exceptional!

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You can always make sure you’re checking our reviews section of the website for the full, in-depth coverage of some of the best hip hop music, but let’s take this opportunity to just list and highlight some of the best of the best of 2021. It’s by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list, nor does it mean these are going to make the final cut when it comes to the Raw Side Hip Hop Award nominees later in the year. What is DOES do, is give flowers to some of the dopest hip hop projects we’ve uncovered this year and gives YOU the chance to give them some burn and let us know what you think.

Best Hip Hop Albums (30+ minutes)
Th1rt3en – A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism
Philmore Greene – Knowledge and Power
Grimewav – Clockwork
Skyzoo – All the Brilliant Things
Awon x Phoniks – Nothing Less
Recognize Ali x Bronze Nazareth – Season of the Se7en
Vinnie Paz – Burn Everything That Bears Your Name
TEK – Pricele$$
Talib Kweli x Diamond D – Gotham
Weapon E.S.P – Mr. Automatic
Slaine – The Things We Can’t Forgive
Breeze Brewin – Hindsight
Lloyd Banks – The Course of the Inevitable
Locksmith – The Lock Sessions, Vol. 2
Haz – The Good Book
Bronze Nazareth x Leaf Dog – Bundle Raps
Apathy – Where The River Meets The Sea
Rome Streetz x DJ Muggs – Death and the Magician
G Stats x Raf Almighty x Rawmatik – The Ruler Gods
Ea$y Money x Fabeyon – Beyond Ea$y
Propo’88 x Wildelux – Certified Craftsmen
101 – Whatever Happens Happens
HRSMN – The Last Ride
XL the Beast – Heavy Hands
Khrysis – The Hour of Khrysis
Paul Willis – Wonderland
Cornerstore Connoisseurs – No Stunt Doubles
Maylay Sparks x Clever1 – Frozen Mugs
iNTeLL x 2nd Generation Wu – Computers for the Hood
The Bad Seed – #GetHomeSafe

Best Hip Hop Albums / EP’s / Projects (<30 minutes)
La Lo East – Buffalo
Supreme Cerebral x Reckonize Real – Gold Chain Warrior
CZARFACE x MF DOOM – Super What?
Dark Lo x Harry Fraud – Borrowed Time
Johnie B x Rasco – Royal Flush EP
Ransom – Se7en
R.I.B.S (Spit Gemz & Eff Yoo) – Rikers Island Boxing School
ethemadassassin – Bear Handz 5: Gram Newton
Vic Monroe x Tone Spliff – Marinade
Slant Heddshotts x CloaqxDagger – Cerberus
ILL Concious – Import Export
John Jigg$ x BP – The Madness
Daniel Son x Cuns – DOJO
Milano Constantine x Showbiz – Eating But Still Hungry
Ty Farris x Machacha – Dark Nights and D Fitted’s
The Opioid Era – 3 x Dope Southside Edition
SUBSTANCE810 x The Hobgoblin – The Hanging Gardens
Conway the Machine x Big Ghost LTD – If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed
Slant Heddshotts x Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts – Munmu of Silla
Carlton Fisk x DJ Enyoutee – Where is Carlto?
Justo the MC x DK – This Is Me
Honey Dinero – Retribution
Benny the Butcher – The Plugs I Met II
Red Inf – Revenge of the Have Nots

As you can see, there is no shortage of killer hip hop to be found, and this is just some of the heat that has copped a lot of replay in the ride or the headphones. There is bound to be plenty more high quality, underground hip hop headed our way in the second half of 2021 as well. Just in time for the Raw Side Hip Hop Awards for 2021. As always, check out anything you haven’t heard, hit us up with your suggestions and additions for the list and make sure you keep supporting Raw Side Hip Hop. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – not to mention our website is popping with new content on the regular.

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