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Having recently dropped on Bandcamp for those REAL heads who want to purchase and support the artists, The Bad Seed & LR Blitzkrieg have really brought the fire on ‘The 6ixers‘. The album will hit all digital streaming platforms on November 28, but we’ve been spinning this for a few days now and can’t turn it off!

The Bad Seed has been one of the more prolific emcees in the game, especially in 2020 but also in recent memory. And throughout his colossal catalogue of joints, he hasn’t short-changed listeners yet. Alongside LR Blitzkrieg this time around, we have another really dope, boom bap joint that gets the head nodding and the speakers pumping. Brooklyn is well and truly in the house.

From the album art, to the Interrogation intro, this is a fantastic mini-concept style joint that sees the two Brooklyn emcees playing the role of contract killers who are taking aim and the entire industry. The well-crafted rhymes paint verbal pictures over Nottz-laced production as they navigate their new personas with some help from featured artists like Planet Asia.

But it doesn’t stop there. Much like the rhymes these cats pen, there are levels and layers to this shit. The 6ixers not only tap into the basketball culture with their name and track titled ‘Julius‘ but they also keep it street with their ‘need a problem solved, we’ve got your six‘ mantra. And these cats certainly kill this album with their lyricism, beat selection and bar delivery. It’s an engaging and entertaining listen.

Make sure you check out The 6ixers flowpage and go support the real hip hop. Or at the very least, tap in when it drops on all DSPs and show love to a couple of the games illest emcees who respect the craft and the culture by making hip hop that’s true to the game.

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