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 Steele released AmeriKKKas nightmare 3 and within a few weeks the other half of Smif N Wessun Tek AAK Smokey Lah releases his album titled ‘Pricele$$’ which is his 6th solo release (not all are LP albums) and its an absolute gem of an album. With standout tracks featuring Conway The Machine, Trife Diesel, Lil Fame, Dark Lo, Roc Marci, Rome Streetz, Sheek Louch and BCC members Steele, Buckshot and the late great Sean P. This album has so much great content with some fire production, it is one of, if not his best solo effort he’s ever released and with nearly 30 years in the game he really is showing us how legends can still obtain so much talent and hunger.

It’s high quality but with enough grit to still be grimey as hell and of course tek still brings the Jamaican reggae sound to a few tracks and being  big reggae, ragga, dancehall fan I love the hiphop/reggae crossover sound. Album opens up nicely with a smooth East coast banger laced with Rhodes/Organ keys and an upright style baseline and Tek hits a home run on his first pitch and it’s an appetiser of what the main course is gonna be like and you already know it’s gonna be 5 star. ‘Zero Kill’ is a banger with Statik suppying the scratches and Drawzilla on the producky (not a misspelling) with moody Choir Vox and deep pianos this is a serious track. ‘Crown’ is a crossover reggae/hiphop track featuring Drawzilla and it bangs. And if your a Reggae/dancehall fan like myself you might know it is sampled from Sizzla- Solid As A Rock. ‘The illest’ is another sampled heavy track this time from Biggies ‘Unbelievable’ producky by GQ Beats and this is an amazing flip of a true hip hop classic and it works well with Teks grimey flow.

‘Boot Camp 4 Life’ has an unreleased verse from Sean Price and it’s absolute fire and with features from Buckshot and Steele it’s a BCC fans wet dream. ‘loyalty’ features Sheek Louch and both Tek and Sheek show us why NY has always been a major part of Hip Hop. With a gritty beat and grimey flute they get it cracking on this track. ‘Glory’ is another banger with Rome Streetz (who is making big waves in the scene right now and is everyone’s go to new school artist for that underground real hip hop) and is something different from tek but stays to the style of the more new school stripped back producky style. ‘Black Tie Affair’ is a smooth jazzy banger and Tek and Roc Marci really do shine here and this is a real Hip-Hop banger. The last four tracks are just as good as the tracks before but I’ll leave the rest for you to discover.

Bangers: every damn track and no skips.

Score: 10/10 this is the kind of album you will be bumping years later and will stay in your rotation  for a long time. With some top notch production and an abundance of great features and serious lyrical content it’s a perfect solo album from the BCC veteran.

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By Brutus Maximus

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