Today is a huge milestone for one of the greatest albums of all time by one of the best artists in hip hop history. Ghostface Killah’s sophomore album SUPREME CLIENTELE is 20 years old on this day and was released 8th February 2000 on Epic Records. The album really shows off Ghost’s ability of his fast tempo consciousness criminology style. Features from Cappadonna, Method Man, Rza, Redman, Gza, Masta Killa, U-God, Lord Superb, Hell Razah, Solomon Childs (who is GFK cousin and would later become a member of Theodore Unit). It is classed as one of the best albums not only of the Clan solo efforts but overall in hip hop.

Ghotface Killah - Supreme Clientele Album Cover

As you may or may not know, Ghost did a bid at Riker’s Island for a gun charge back in 1995 at the Palladium night club in New York. Also a lot of the writing actually took place in Africa around 1997, when Rza and Ghost took a 7 month trip to the Mother Land. It seems Africa had an effect on him as he rarely speaks about crime and material things as much as he did on Ironman. He even said “Fuck all this Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, all that shit. They don’t give a fuck about none of that in Africa. Everything is the same. But over here, everybody wanna be better than the next one. Nah, it’s not like that over there. They be fucked up money wise, but trust me, them mother fuckers is happy. They got each other”.

Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele Back cover

The production on the album was ahead of it’s time and even influenced the likes of Just Blaze and Kanye West. This and Uncontrolled Substance came after the flood in Rza’s basement studio, so both might have had a different sound but I’m glad they didn’t as both are so true to the unique Wu-Tang signature sound. Even though there are out house producers that helped with the album and such names are JuJu from The Beatnuts, Hassan From U.M.C.’s and The Hitmen, it was Rza and Ghost who crafted it.

In 2004, Lord Superb made claims he had ghostwritten the entire album and it sounds like a exaggerated claim. Perb was Raekwons connect and may of been in the studio a few times with GFK. 50 cent made a track going at everyone in the industry but it was more of a troll (50 is famous for trolling online) than a serious Diss track, but Ghost didn’t see it like that and snapped back with Buck 50 and Clyde Smith.

Raw Side Hip Hop is glad to pay homage to one of the finest albums in Hip Hop and what a gem of a classic it is. TIMELESS. WU-TANG forever baby…

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