Supreme Cerebral & Reckonize Real - Culture/Freedom

Supreme Cerebral is back smashing your eardrums with yet more dope music in 2020. We’ve already been treated to the first track from the upcoming album from Preme and Reck ‘Murder 1’ and now they drop ‘Culture/Freedom‘ on us which has us excited for the full project ‘Gold Chain Warrior’.

This time around, the Cali emcee enslists Rasheed Chappel, John Robinson and Eloh Kush to rhyme with him over the Reckonize Real track and the result is some stellar hip hop. It’s a much more ‘subdued’ offering from the mayhem that Murder 1 was, but it brings some really soulful, true hip hop to the headphones and allows all four rhymeslayers to shine.

This is hip hop, it’s funky, it’s boom bap, it’s lyrical. It’s a dope AF track that needs to hit your rotation on the regular. Check it out now.

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By Brutus Maximus

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