Sean Wrekless Myrts Son Interstate Soul

If laid back, cruisy, dusty vibes are your bag, then ‘Interstate Soul‘ is the whole luggage rack. Sean Wrekless is a producer hailing from North Carolina who resides in Atlanta and has a knack for producing some incredibly solid, soulful production that acts as a delightful canvas for verbal imagery to be painted. On this album, Myrts Son (born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina) is tasked with the role of emcee, and lyricist and he delivers some authentic, introspective, thoughtful rhymes that feed the mind, body and soul.

Beats, bars and funk – this album delivers on so many levels. It’s well crafted from the boom bap, well placed drum production and plenty of keys and strings to the quality messages and lyrics that are refined and really set it off. It’s mature bars like “This ain’t music to move your body / It’s music to move your mental / I put my pain in this pencil” (Myrts Son on ‘Mental Music‘) that have you fiending for that contemplative and cultured wordplay.

The ‘old head’ in me also loves the comprehensive nature of this project. It’s a full 15 tracks and 47+ minutes and yet there isn’t a minute of wasted time. The album flows really well from start to finish and there are no ‘peaks and troughs’, rather just a high standard of dope hip hop with that funk / soul infusion that just makes you relaxed. If lighting a spliff and chilling is your thing, then you have a new soundtrack.

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