Spiderdagod Toxic EP

The ‘Toxic EP‘, from Spiderdagod and Struggle Mike delivers some serious heat and packs a throat punch that will leave you dazed for days! As the comical yet somewhat disturbing album art may suggest, this isn’t a ‘sunshines and rainbows’ kinda joint, this is a unique and entertaining EP, viewed under the guise of the ‘toxic’ traits from some notable emcees.

Before we dive too deeply into the music, let’s talk about the concept behind this EP. Aptly titled ‘Toxic’, Spiderdagod told us the EP is “just comparing myself to the bad habits I picked up from the rappers I learned from“. “Everybody always compares themselves in a positive light, I focused on the toxic traits” he continued, which created the five track offering with a tracklist that looks like this……

Now, the creativity is on display before we press play, but once the music hits the headphones, you are confronted with the fact that this really ain’t a game or gimmick. Spiderdagod can SPIT, and does so with ferocity and well crafted lyrics. Curated by Struggle Mike, the soundscape is a beautiful blend of traditional boom bap, soulful / sci-fi sounds and well constructed instrumentals. When those two elements are on point and collide like they do on the Toxic EP, you have a project that hits the mark and has big time replay value.

But, we won’t have to wait long to get even more material from Spiderdagod and Struggle Mike, with a new project ‘Good People Die‘ scheduled to drop on June 21st.

Hit up the Toxic EP on your favourite DSP or just press play above and let us know what you think about this verbal venom!

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