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As if we haven’t had enough banging hip hop music from the Boston, Massachusetts area in the past year or so, now Slant Heddshotts has teamed up with epic production team CLOAQxDAGGER for the ‘Cerberus‘ EP. The heavy-hitting, hard-spitting emcee from the Heddshotts crew, brings with him an army of microphone slaughterers including N.B.S, G Fam Black, P-Ro, INF, Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts, I.N.F and featuring scratches from DJ Slipwax.

The six track EP gives the listener 20 minutes of quality hip hop. As you expect, the production is incredibly sharp, mature and eclectic – taking you on a mini-journey from start to finish with that real boom bap sound. Slant crushes the mic, ripping it with a really good energy and well crafted lyrics. Quality features are on display too and they add something to each track – complementing both Slant and the production. Peak moments are when DJ Slipwax hits us with the cuts though…. wow!

Invest 20 minutes of your day and give this latest EP a spin. You won’t be disappointed and it may just stay in rotation for more than a minute moving forward.

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