Sheek Louch - Beast Mode 4 Album Cover

When you join forces with two of the most talented emcees ever, it’s going to be tough to get your shine. This has been the case for one of the more underrated rappers of the past two decades in Sheek Louch. As one third of The Lox, it’s Jadakiss and Styles P that garner the most attention and media glory – but Sheek can SPIT and the most recent edition of his Beast Mode EP series just reinforces the point.

Dropping on October 16, a date that saw an epic number of high quality releases including Benny the Butcher’s ‘Burden of Proof‘, Black Thought’s ‘Streams of Thought Vol. 3: Cane and Abel‘, Homeboy Sandman, T.I, Serial Killers and plenty more…. it was just another opportunity for hip hop heads to sleep on the D-Block rhyme slayer. BUT, in true Raw Side Hip Hop form, we had to make sure this wasn’t lost in the heat of the moment so to speak.

We get ten more dope tracks from Donny G as well as some killer features from Jadakiss & Styles P on the West Coast G-funk sounding ‘Saint Ides Flow‘, Ghostface Killah ‘Angel Dust‘, Tony Moxberg ‘G-Code‘, M.O.P’s Lil Fame on ‘Onyx‘ and Benny the Butcher shares the mic on ‘Spirit of Griselda‘. Every track has a hard as concrete beat which allows the rappers to really go after it on the mic and thus creating the perfect soundtrack for an EP aptly titled ‘Beast Mode 4‘.

Of course, Sheek doesn’t need the help of anyone to rock the mic and on tracks like ‘The Morning‘ and ‘Clear It Out‘ we get that original D-Block, back on the street, early Lox kind of vibe. It’s that gun cocked, boom bap, bully rap that we know and love – and could be the best ‘Beast Mode’ yet.

Bangers: Saint Ides Flow, The Morning, Spirit of Griselda, How We Do

Score: 8 / 10. We get a really solid offering from Sheek Louch on this one. It’s slightly longer than some of his other editions, it has features that fit each track and it has Sheek holding it down on his own too. The production is quality too, giving us that retro street sound but without sounding dated, and we get hard bars, none of those corny one line metaphors that can creep in at times.

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