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If you’ve been paying attention to the real hip hop, then you’ll recognise the name Scrooge Owens. Last year, we did a feature on the underground rhyme bully on the back of his BANGING joint ‘Arrest The Government‘ which was pure flames and featured Napoleon Da Legend, Mad Squablz & R.A the Rugged Man. Now, Scrooge is about to hit you upside the head again, this time with ‘Same Old Me‘ and we got the preview!

This release is dropping on 13th August, so y’all ain’t gonna have to wait too long, but let me give you the heads up on what you can expect. Since his last EP ‘The Old Me’, Scrooge has been putting in that work, recording over 50 songs with some hip hop heavyweights. Most of these will drop after this release and before his first album ‘Growth’ which will drop later in the year, but the sharpening of his pen can be experienced right now with this 10-track banger.

Produced almost entirely by Romanian producer Poneu (‘Thugs Prayer‘ is produced by J.B. Chatman and it was previously released in 2020) this album has a really diverse and dirty sound. You have to have it heavy when you’ve got the content and flow that Scrooge possesses if you want a complete package, and this is what ‘Same Old Me’ brings to the table. It clocks in at over 30 minutes without skits which gives us plenty of music and bars without any wasted verses, beats or time.

Scrooge Owens owns every track he jumps on – his gruff, fiery flow evoking images of DMX or M.O.P and that’s on full display from the get-go. His lyrical ability is on point and he crafts anthems when he gets in the booth. ‘Same Old Me’ is chock full of tracks that just slap and get you going, taking you on a journey inside the mind of the emcee. So let’s get down to business…

The title track kicks things off with a dark & eerie joint thanks to the warbling effects on the soundtrack. Scrooge rips it up too, commanding your attention and drawing you in to his story-telling. ‘Crazy‘ is bonkers boy! This gives me submarine vibes with some semi-trap production allowing Scrooge to fill the gaps between hi-hats with his horror-flick flow. Next up, ‘Right Here‘ continues the ‘horror’ vibe as Owens slows down the flow to put some real emphasis on his verbal stoush while ‘The Run Down‘ brings the street tales to the booth.

The macabre ‘Crime Scene‘ is a forceful, fearful track that has Scrooge blacking out in the booth over ominous production, while ‘Semi‘ is a gun-tale with real Mid-West or West Coast vibes that can rattle a trunk. ‘Angry‘ takes it back to those darker, dusty street stories and Scrooge delivers an authenticity in these tales that is palpable. The church-style organ layered through the production of ‘Body Bag (Sumthin)‘ is a real standout due to it’s unique sound and juxtaposition between beats and bars.

Rounding out this joint is ‘Dancefloor‘ which isn’t a club banger, but it certainly has a more airy feel to it, much like ‘Hammer Dance‘ from Slaughterhouse did back in the day, while the final track is the previously released ‘Thugs Prayer‘ produced by J.B Chatman which is the ideal way to draw the curtain on this rugged, raw and downright grimy release.

Make sure you check out ‘Same Old Me’ when it drops and let us know what you think. And follow Scrooge Owens and get ready for more dope hip hop when he drops ‘Growth’ later in 2021.

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