Rim is a Ruck Down / Duck down artist and Brownsville Representative and seems to be close to the Price family. Not sure if he’s a relative as I’ve had a search but not much info on Rim at the moment. All I know is his music is sick as he has an ear for music and his bars are fire. Only discovered him last year after stumbling on his album ‘Keep It Ville’ which I believe is his newest project from April 2019. It’s a punchy, gritty NY album with a few laid back flava tracks to balance it out.

If you’re a fan of Ruck AKA Sean Price then you know the story he tells about punching someone through a pizza shop window! The opening track is called ‘Pizza Shop’ and has Ruck telling the same story and even has Mrs. Price spit a verse and damn its raw, she can actually spit. Her verse is in a two part music video.

Don’t know about you but I love samples I recognise! One such sample on Keep it Ville! is on a track called ‘Side Bloccs’ and has a sample from a game I played on the PS4 called Persona 5 and I loved vibing to this and when I heard it in this track, it lit me up.

It even has a flip on a timeless Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince track and probably their most known, yes, SUMMERTIME. but in this take it’s called ‘Wintertime’ and as you can imagine it’s a grimy version of the track set in the cold season. Definitely an album worth your money and time and keep an ear to the street for this cat.

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By Brutus Maximus

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