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Another solid addition to the discography, XP The Marxman gives us ‘The Marxman‘ which is 9 tracks (8 songs and an intermission) of laid back, moody boom bap hip hop that keeps the head on nod mode from start to finish. XP possess that easy-listening, effortless flow that just pours over the production like whiskey on ice. The Marxman is almost 30 minutes of super smooth flow over really killer production (some of the best he’s rocked over to be honest) in a well packaged and entertaining album.

The title track ‘The Marxman‘ uses synth organs to create the musical backdrop, and XP slays it with bars on bars and his delivery is on point. ‘We’re All Divine – Remix‘ is more in your face with the haunting strings slamming the headphones to create the canvas for XP to do his thing with Plex Diamonds, before ‘House Of Honzos‘ slows the pace as a point of emphasis for the darker themed joint including appearances from Emilio Craig & DoamPeace.

After the intermission, the triumphant horns of ‘Billion Dollar Baby‘ sound the alarm and XP answers the call with an inspired flow. MC Wicks and Illwerd jump on ‘Classical Rap‘ a track that denotes culture vultures while also cementing the grind these artists are on. ‘Zombies – Pass the Blick‘ is a lo-fi, laid back track that creates a really chilled vibe and is a nice exploration of a slightly different sound for this release.

Trench Work‘ which as the name suggests is a deep, heavy hip hop joint once again featuring DoamPeace blessing the track as they speak on ‘being raised in the trenches’. We then round out The Marxman with ‘Beatles Son‘ which is the perfect, soul-sample fueled track to close out. XP once again delivers with the pen and the flow and has listeners wanting more (or just to spin again).

Bangers: Classical Rap, The Marxman, House of Honzos.

Score: 8.5 / 10. It’s a really good album and certainly hits that modern pocket of stripped back production, slowed down tempo and quality lyrics and flow. XP the Marxman is a talented emcee and artist, and this album just further cements that as he drops such quality offerings. He’s probably still underrated, he probably doesn’t care, because you can feel that his passion is for the craft, not the fame. If you haven’t caught XP the Marxman before, then start here and work your way back through the discog.

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