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Last week we were treated to the first single ‘Grindhausu from the new Weapon E.S.P album ‘Tarantino Rodriguez‘, and now with the release date almost upon us, it’s time for Raw Side Hip Hop to let you know just what to expect when you go and cop the new joint (and you KNOW you’re gonna want to cop that new joint). First of all, the album has been produced by Tim Barry and it’s a different kinda vibe and sound than we are used to with Weap. The stripped back beats and slower tempo tracks allow the lyrical prowess and spirited flow to enhance your listening experience. The interludes also play a key role, intertwining the tracks with the overall album concept and making a full listening experience from start to finish.

Before we dive into the tracks, we need to address the insane album art that was created by Jacob Malhert (check out his IG here). The illustration and the colours and the overall piece of work perfectly encapsulates the audio impact of the album. And it certainly draws you in and raising the intrigue!

So, let’s address the music. ‘Grindhausu‘ was something else, but that track could easily have appeared on Mr. Automatic, it’s the other joints where we really see Weapon E.S.P push the envelope of his creativity and his craft with fantastic results. ‘Santanico Pandemonium‘ is a really haunting, almost entrancing joint, that allows Weapon E.S.P to really flow and emphasis those bars, and the appearance of William Wallace is a guilty pleasure. The notion of ‘my fan base feeding my son’ really brings this joint to life.

The track ‘Pai Mei‘ is another that showcases the versatility, as Weap has some real Roc Marci vibes with an oriental meets soul soundscape to spit over. ‘Vanishing Point’ is another really laid back, soulful vibe that also has some eerie and hypnotical elements to it. The different and unique style of flow is really recognisable on this one as Weapon E.S.P just rides the production to perfection. The title track ‘Tarantino Rodriguez‘ featuring Tim Barry also on the mic and not just behind the boards, has dope chemistry. The warbling synth, the ethereal hook, again playing outside the traditional lane, but will killer results.

Coupled with all this insane production and lyrical prowess, are the very cleverly placed interludes to tie the tracks and the overall album together. It’s like an ‘all star cast’ as we have Steve Buschemi, George Clooney and even Selman Hayek “featured” on this album. If that doesn’t tell you what kind of artistry this concept offering is, then nothing will.

Tarantino Rodriguez drops on 8 February and is the latest offering from Genosha Records. Be sure to cop it when it drops and support quality hip hop and those doing their thing.

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