Weapon E.S.P Mr Automatic

Weapon E.S.P has just dropped his latest solo album ‘Mr. Automatic‘ and MAN he just gets in that booth and lets off shots! Bars on bars on bars over killer production from a host of the undergrounds best. Yes, we’ve had a couple of warning shots with ‘Bane’s Physical Frame‘ and ‘Bullseye Scores‘ but I don’t think y’all are ready for THIS level of marksmanship on the mic.

The Genosha General has always been a top quality lyricist, but over the past year or two, we are seeing that ‘steel sharpens steel’ mentality as he continues to expand and improve. Mr Automatic is his crowning achievement so far, and that’s high praise considering 2020 saw him release ‘Savageland‘ (with Reckonize Real and Ghost of the Machine) and ‘Juice Headz‘ (again with GOTM) – two of the better albums of the year.

There is beauty and brilliance in consistency. Hitting the mark time and time again is something to strive for, and Weapon E.S.P has worked hard to put together this joint. How often can you say that there isn’t a skippable MOMENT on an album. Not just track, but include the intro, the outro….. you don’t want to skip a second of this joint in case you miss something spectacular with the vernacular. It’s the complete package.

There aren’t a lot of features on it, but those that make an appearance are memorable for the way they seamlessly join the track and album. We get fellow Genosha leaders Ghost of the Machine and LoGun, Estee Nack and a custom-built killshot from Jamil Honesty. Outside of this, it’s all Weapon E.S.P and that is a beautiful thing. When you’re in the space he is right now, we want him with firing with the mic in the crosshairs.

Aside from the two singles we’ve already copped, there are no shortage of bangers on this track. Picking a favourite is tough, but moments like ‘Frank Castiglione‘ featuring DJ Grazzhoppa or ‘Sword Serenade‘ over the razor-sharp Hanzo Bladez production are such a treat. There’s also the shroom tune, psychedelic guitar riff on ‘Mine for Diamonds‘ that is out of the pocket but showcases the full arsenal Weap has at his disposal.

Bangers: Frank Castiglione, Clint East, Cut the Wires, The Proven Formula, Sword Serenade.

Score: 10 / 10. Mr Automatic is an album that does not miss. It hits you with a variety of shots, and they all land – lava hot and on point. This joint will almost certainly be in the discussions for Album of the Year and give some of the bigger names a run for their money. All while making Weapon E.S.P a household name himself.

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By Brutus Maximus

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