Vakill God's Gun

Chicago emcee and associate of The Molemen crew Vakill has just dropped his latest offering, a seven-track offering full of killer bars and quality production. ‘God’s Gun‘ is a really solid joint, and as we’ve come to expect from Vakill, it hits the mark lyrically and sonically.

A few weeks back, we saw Vakill address the current state of hip hop in a video on his socials, and mentioned that he needed to hurry up and get his album out so ‘people can stop handing out passes and being wowed’ by wack music. So, there was a bit of narrative and feeling around this new joint, but when you can spit scintillating rhymes with such a sharp pen, AND you enlist some dope producers, the end product is something memorable and to be proud of.

ChicaG.O.A.T‘ is the first track and it is HEAT! One of the best tracks of the year as Vakill just goes straight for the throat from the jump. The track is deep and dark, which allows the passionate flow of ‘Kill to command your ear while he delivers lyrical wizardry. ‘Focus‘ kicks off with some motivational, almost anthem-esque style production as the backdrop for full-bodied bars, while ‘As Long as the Villain Wins‘ takes a more soulful and softer approach with funky horns accompanying Vakill’s rhymes which pay homage to Jay-Z’s ‘Dead Presidents II’.

Another one of Chicago’s finest Twista jumps on the next joint ‘Vest Check 1,2‘ a track that has been ‘slow cooked’ to achieve greatness. The two emcees are on POINT with this one, as they deliver bars that are worth listening to again and again. ‘God’s Got ‘Em‘ has a dustier, more boom bap style vibe to it and Vakill just picks it apart with his popping verbal cadence. The synth rock guitar of ‘Catalog of Filth‘ is a welcome switch up, with a haunting choir loop adding an eeriness to the joint. Vinnie Paz jumps on to deliver the hook and while I would have loved a verse from Philly’s finest, it still bangs. Lastly, ‘Fallin‘ close out the offering, a perfect contrast or book-end to God’s Gun. It’s more laid back and acts as a ‘closing credits’, an introspective joint to leave that thoughtful flavour in your ear.

Vakill has delivered a really good project with ‘God’s Gun’. He wasn’t playing when he told y’all that he was about to start ‘RHYMIN rhymin’ and this is lyrically complex. There is such an honesty and appreciation for the craft, the culture and the ART of emceeing – not just dropping a dope album.

Bangers: ChicaG.O.A.T, As Long as the Villain Wins, Catalog of Filth

Score: 9 / 10. Even after a handful of spins, I just want more, but that’s just the fan in me. Vakill has created a really great release that is going to need time to marinate and breath because there are no ‘mailed in’ bars on this project. It’s comprehensive, clever and entertaining. Every listen brings a new ‘catch’ of some underappreciated or cryptically obtuse bar that makes you think. This is mature rap with some meat on it that sticks to the ribs.

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