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Recently Ty Farris has been slamming our headphones with nothing but dope hip hop. That high quality, lyrical content, delivered with razor sharp precision over beat choice that really makes the head nod. We had the ‘Fluorescent Mud‘ project in 2022, then followed up a couple of months later with ‘Pain For Ya Vein‘. Well, to start 2023 we now get another Room 39 instalment – the Trox produced ‘Welcome 2 Room 39‘ which was originally released about five years back, but due to distribution issues, it was pulled. Now, with four brand new tracks (and most likely a brand new audience due to the work he’s put in!) we get this dope project that should be a fixture on your Dope Albums of 2023 playlist.

The ‘Intro‘ kicks things off with reporting discussing the album title – Room 39 – situation with North Korea before ‘Defiant Stance‘ brings the boom bap with some triumphant keys subtly interwoven into the production. Ty jumps all over this track from the get-go and sets the tone for the album – you can expect BARS with purpose and insight. ‘Came Out A Long Way‘ features 38 Spesh and Lil Fame and brings an element of funk and soul to offset the brutal street poetry that cracks through the speakers before Ty gets back to controlling the mic himself on ‘Another Crackbaby‘ where he brings that fight music and spits his pens potency with passion.

Different Bracket‘ features Rome Streetz and the pairing is elite, because to really standout on a Ty Farris joint, you have to bring the bars, and Rome does exactly that over an understated, almost hypnotic track with well timed drum inclusions. ‘Disloyalty Meets Greed & Revenge‘ is a laid back, stipped-bare style joint that creates an audio atmosphere conducive to the storytelling style Ty drops on this track. It’s poignant and powerful, but delivered with a mellow yet purposeful flow. The horns really set this track off too, adding another layer between the verses.

As the title suggests, ‘Please Don’t Overdose‘ speaks to the dangers of those white lines with some realism, where Farris really depicts some disturbing elements to the life that is glorified in so many coke-rap projects, before ‘You Didn’t Know You Was In Hell‘ kicks back in with that traditional boom bap kind of hip hop that gets the neck snapping, and bars that have the head scratching as we try to capture every carefully crafted line. ‘Let ’em Out The Prison‘ has an understated Dipset feel to it, really bringing some flash and glitz through a street narrative, but is equally as socially conscious through the tale over a really dusty joint from Trox.

The second last track ‘Seize It’ features Noveliss and is one of the more interesting tracks on the album from a production and music aspect. The pan pipes or flute really dance through the air while the drums keep us grounded. It almost mirrors the narratives from Ty and Nov as they speak about their journey and waiting for this very moment in time to shine. Noveliss steps up to really slay his feature too, a well placed feature at that, once again highlighting the ear Ty Farris has for album curation. Lastly we get ‘Venting’ and it’s a deeper, melancholic style number, a real album closer, as he gets introspective with the vernacular and delivers it with authenticity.

Bangers: Different Bracket, Came Out A Long Way, You Didn’t Know You Was In Hell.

Score: 9 / 10. It is testament to the quality of emcee that Ty Farris is, that he can reissue an album that is five years old and it still hits the mark and resonates with hip hop heads right this minute. He adds quality features to share the mic as well, not shying away from those upper echelon emcees like Noveliss and Rome who really have those bars. He’s equally at home cracking concrete with heavy bag bars alongside Lil Fame, or dropping introspective tales on his dolo. Get on board, this is another high quality hip hop release that deserves its flowers.

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By Brutus Maximus

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