Ty Farris x Sebb Bash

Ty Farris has been warning the hip hop world for a while now – you are going to want to put respect on his name or he will force you to do so. Having dropped numerous projects over the past 24 months, all of which are hip hop of the highest tier, Ty is back “on a whole nother level with this shit now” and he’s unleashing a secret weapon in the form of producer Sebb Bash. ‘Fluorescent Mud‘ is the culmination of constant pen pressure, purposeful and poignant delivery and an intriguing, unique and incredibly dope soundscape, all wrapped up in a 13 track, 30+ minute offering that is going to stay in your system for a LONG time.

The warning shot is fired when ‘Bashing Heads‘ crashes into your headphones like a hip hop alarm…. Sebb Bash provides an anthemic track and Ty takes no prisoners as he launches into vicious verbal attacks to set the scene for the rest of the album. ‘Mental Tats‘ is an edgy track, with funky drums that Ty’s flow just bounces over, dripping with venom and confidence, before ‘Crown Us‘ takes a more subtle audio approach, but Farris doesn’t let up for a minute, still slaying his sixteens with quality wordplay and varied flow showcasing the bar work.

Where’s The Garbage Can?‘ continues to showcase diversity sonically and lyrically in a filthy, intricate and busy track, where Ty Farris steps up the attack on the weak emcee and fans of the watered-down, weak ass hip hop that gets mass produced these days. A more soulful approach is heard on ‘Deadly Dialogue‘ which keeps the listener interested and also allows the verbal savagery to stand out and send a message and then we get ‘That Simple‘ which features Estee Nack – another top tier emcee with a quality pen who doesn’t get enough shine. This joint is crazy – it’s that simple.

While a shorter track, ‘Con Uno‘ delivers some harsh truths and ‘Destinations‘ is a really dope insight into the man behind the mic and still keeps the momentum of the album moving. ‘Feed The Kids‘ is a feel-good track, really uplifting in spite of the harsh reality of life – but focuses on overcoming and that inner-strength, then ‘Can’t Candy Coat It‘ tells it like it is, with Ty speaking his truth and delivering art in the form of street poetry with messages like “nothing easy on the path the greatness / that’s what makes it captivating“.

Planet Asia stops by to drop knowledge on ‘Condominium Crack Dealers‘ and both emcees really flow well together and ride the Sebb Bash production to perfection, creating a lounge kinda vibe that mirrors the vernacular. ‘Immortalized‘ is the final track and Sebb Bash provides another ominous base for Ty Farris to slaughter with his surgical delivery and varied verbal content…. it’s brash, bold and beautiful.

Bangers: That Simple, Immortalized, Mental Tats, Condominium Crack Dealers, Deadly Dialogue.

Score: 9.5 / 10. This is one brilliant hip hop offering and will certainly be in consideration for many Album of the Year lists with its intricate and outside-the-box production coupled with the high caliber lyricism and flow from Farris who is an emcee possessed. From start to finish, the listener is immersed in the music and Ty has a flow that just draws you in and has you hanging on every bar he drops. Get this one in rotation immediately.

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