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Underground Mayor of Detroit Ty Farris continues to drop new music to ensure the headphones stay chock full of top tier bars, and the latest album hip hop heads get is the fifth instalment of the ‘No Cosign Just Cocaine‘ series. Over the last few months we have been blessed with some incredible releases from Farris, with his ‘Fluorescent Mud‘ album, the ‘Pain For Ya Vein‘ joint, Welcome 2 Room 39‘ with Trox and now NCJC5. While music is most certainly getting released more frequently, there is a delicate balance between dropping new music and giving fans QUALITY hip hop, and Farris certainly does the latter.

The album kicks off with a little intro from Big Rube before easing into the music with ‘The Coca Leaf‘ which is a chilled, simplified instrumental and Ty just dropping knowledge and talking to spirits with those bars. The energy gets turned up when ‘We Never Backing Down‘ featuring Jae Skeese slaps you upside your head, a heavy guitar riff ripping through crisp drums and both emcees on their bravado tip talking about their come up and hustle. ‘Alejandro Sosa‘ is a potent joint, Ty delivering his bars with a precise and powerful flow over a menacing audio canvas, then ‘Dean Smith‘ takes a different route, paying homage to one of the greatest college coaches of all time, over a very airy, bare soundtrack which accentuates the lyrical content.

Stu Bangas provides a killer track for Farris, J.Arrr and Vega7 The Ronin on ‘Dope Speaks 4 Itself‘ which is haunting and melodic, but gets the head nodding while the trip of emcees step to the mic with purpose and presence and get after this one. A brooding, boom bap number from Big Ghost LTD is next with ‘The Thoughts Of Ghost‘ which sees Ty delivery quality wordplay as he listens closely through the streets at night, then it’s ‘The Twilight Zone‘ which is as eerie as the name suggests and Flames Dot Malik delivers his enigmatic, high energy bars as the perfect juxtaposition for Farris’ super smooth delivery. ‘Underestimate Me‘ is understated yet triumphant and Ty is in his bag, balancing the boastful with the brutal facts and basketball references then The Umbrella Collective (Pro Dillinger, Mickey Diamond & Snotty) bring their hardbody bars to ‘The Most Feared Threat‘ with exceptional results over a suprisingly subdued soundscape.

Critically Acclaimed‘ is a delightfully delicate, key driven number which has those lounge vibes, and Ty spits over the soundscape like a well-aged whiskey cutting through cigar smoke, pouring emotion into the pen like few others. Daniel Son joins Farris for ‘Brown Bags Over Revolvers‘ for a more thunderous track that ensures stankface is locked on with both emcees getting after it in the booth, then ‘Never Lose Respect‘ takes a more lo-fi approach to delivering the boastful wordplay that is authentic, well-placed confidence. Finally, the album concludes with ‘The Most High‘ which sees Ty team up with Bozack Morris again and the results are flawless as usual, intricate production filling the gaps between Farris’ poignant bars.

Bangers: The Most Feared Threat, Dope Speaks 4 Itself, Brown Bags Over Revolvers, Underestimate Me.

Score: 9 / 10. Yet another brilliantly delivered hip hop record from Ty Farris who is now becoming not only one of the most consistent emcees in the game, but also one of the most prolific. Every track works well and as an album, there is enough variety of production and pen to keep all hip hop fans engaged from start to finish. Ty has a unique ability to capture his thoughts and deliver them in a way that isn’t ‘in your face’ but still hits with major impact.

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