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Ty Farris has been a staple in hip hop culture for a while now. The fourth instalment of the ‘No Cosign Just Cocaine’ series might not just be the best in that series, but his best work to date. And that’s saying something because Ty has been giving up high end hip hop for YEARS now. None of this throwaway stuff, Farris brings that substance, that meat on the bone stuff with bars and lyrics that not only make you think, but stay with you long after you’ve pressed stop on a joint. We don’t get a LOT of music from the Ty Farris camp, and there is clearly a reason for that – he ain’t about the snacks, he’s about meals…. and No Cosign Just Cocaine 4 is a feast.

You only have to look at the track listing to understand just what this is about… You’ve got a single production track from Big Ghost LTD (which is rare), you have features like Elzhi who doesn’t just jump on a track with anyone, and you have some of the best beatmakers like Black Milk, Apollo Brown, Stu Bangas, Nicholas Craven etc. From the second ‘Slow Down‘ hits the headphones, it’s on. It serves as part warning shot, and part scene setter… this album is going to feature quality bar work, dope production and that Ty Farris flow which has the supreme confidence and bravado it deserves.

Another important element of this release is the structure and cohesion from start to finish. This is an effortless listen as the album weaves throughout street bars, slowed down chill, in your face anthems. With no skits, 14 tracks and nearly 40 minutes of music – that’s dedication to delivering quality for the culture. It’s a really mature offering and sits in a whole range of pockets without ever being out of place. Nothing forced.

Saying that, there are some stand out moments. The Elzhi verse on the introspective ‘Run Through My Mind‘ is first class as both El and Ty enter your mental and view through their third eye. ‘Scary Times‘ is a banging posse cut featuring SUBSTANCE810, Mickey Diamond and Dango Forlaine over a Pa Dre beat and really turns up the heat and ‘Back Blocks‘ gets the head nodding and neck snapping as Ty Farris and UFO Fev just crush the Finn produced track. But picking highlights feels like you’re robbing the overall product which is damn near flawless.

Bangers: Scary Times, Slow Down, Back Blocks, This Is For All Y’all, Off With They Heads.

Score: 10 / 10. This is a stand out album. Ty Farris works incredibly hard to make meaningful music and he has certainly succeeded yet again with No Cosign Just Cocaine 4. The production is perfect, floating through the entire album with different sounds / feelings but all memorable moments. Farris’ flow is crisp, well delivered and always impassioned and the features are actual features – bars that add something when spit, not just a feature to fill tracks / albums. Get this one into heavy rotation now.

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