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REVIEW | Ty Farris – Enigma With An Attitude

Ty Farris - Enigma With An Attitude

Ty Farris hits hip hop heads straight in the headphones with his latest project ‘Enigma With An Attitude‘. The villain with a smile, delivers one of the strongest albums of 2024, as he hand picks a sinister, dark and moody soundtrack to form the audio canvas for his bars to bring some nefarious ‘characters’ to life. The project is 12 tracks long (11 songs plus the intro), features a different producer bringing the beat for each track (Brooks XY has a double!) – but there are NO feature verses as Ty makes this album all about him, his pen, his conceptualisation of ‘the bad guy’. And all done with a dark demeanour. Let’s also not lose the fact that even with this variety of production, the score of the project is cohesive, flawlessly composed and structured to build out the listening experience.

It’s a dark and sinister start with the ‘Riddler Meets Jigsaw‘ intro. From the jump you can tell this is going to be an entertaining joint, but when the album starts with the Futurewave produced ‘Alchemy In The Trenches‘ we know just HOW real it’s going to get! The production is eerie and haunting, while Ty kicks things off with his smooth yet edgy flow and paints verbal pictures of the streets where he was raised and how he made good with incredibly powerful bars like “If you glorify this lifestyle then you probably never lived it, I was poor every Christmas, guess the dog ate my wishlist”. Up next is ‘Riddles From A Ruger‘ produced by Brooks XY, which has a more soulful vibe to it and some triumphant keys as Farris once again speaks to the hard work required to defy the odds, and evokes that ‘words are weapons’ narrative with bars as bullets.

Puzzle Full Of Pistols‘ is quite a smooth ride with Ty cleverly navigating life with bars and bravado, commanding his words to shape this track over a really chilled out track from Animoss. It’s quite refreshing how Ty plays with his street prose to create these anthems. It gets grimy on ‘Mind Of The Jigsaw‘ which is a standout track. “Every line cinematic and you visualise the verbs” he spits, and we couldn’t say it better ourselves… Props to Really Hiiim for such a menacing score. ‘The Man, The Myth, The Mystery‘ (prod. August Fanon) continues the dark, malevolent vibe as it just bubbles away through the deepest depths of your headphones and Ty’s crispness and purposeful flow draws the listener in and holds us hostage with every syllable.

Up next is ‘The Enigma‘ which is slightly more upbeat and allows the listener to draw breath after spending a number of tracks in the dark underbelly of this album! Produced by Don Carrera, there is a more distinct boom bap drum layer, with some lighter intricacies with a sci-fi vibe dancing on top. Ty is in his pocket here, bringing that big, bold energy while spitting razor sharp street tales. ‘True Identity‘ samples the iconic Ghostface Killah track ‘Daytona 500’ through sharp cuts, and while it’s a more measured drive, this is a smooth ride as Ty dances over the Don the Jeweller track with his genuine persona and quality pen.

Villain With The Smile‘ is the second track from Brooks XY and it has a similar soul / smooth vibe with delicate keys and dope horn feature. Ty gets busy on this one, embracing the persona and spitting the grime with a grin and flexing the full arsenal of weaponry he can slay his enemies with. Wino Willy drops a gloomy track on ‘Who Got The Answers‘, and it has such a melancholy aura, you wonder if you’ll ever get out from under it! Ty again really gets busy on this one, exploring the different routes people take to navigate their way through life. It’s powerful and poignant and delivered in a real way, not some preachy joint that real people can’t relate to.

The penultimate track ‘3rd Eye Never Lie‘ is a well-produced track from Wavy Da Ghawd and Ty dives deeper into how focus can enhance your ability to sift through what is real and what’s fake. The joint bubbles along almost like a heartbeat as Farris gets vicious with the verbs and brings an understated energy when he spits bars. Finally, the album concludes with the Camoflauge Monk produced title track ‘Enigma With An Attitude’ which sonically is a blend between a horror movie score and computer game soundtrack. The cuts are on point and Ty stops being ‘too humble’ and really unleashes to close out the track, showcasing a mastery of emceeing.

This project explores a range of topics, often quite introspective and deep, and provides a different delivery method where Ty Farris once again separates himself from other emcees. He has the ability to not only deliver a broad range of content with incredibly well crafted wordplay, but he brings an authenticity to the bars that others don’t possess and cannot replicate. Make sure you check out ‘Enigma With An Attitude‘ now, and enjoy one of 2024’s best hip hop offerings.

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