The Bad Seed Self Titled

What started out as an EP, quickly morphed into a full length self titled album as The Bad Seed ‘wanted to give the fans the best product possible’. After reviewing his Double A Side single ‘Black Zeus / Daddy Dearesta few weeks ago and expecting the full EP (as it was then) in February, getting The Bad Seed LP nice and early was a great surprise. There has already been some phenomenal music dropped since Christmas, and this introspective collection of tracks is another jewel in Seed’s crown.

The album starts off referencing Seed’s newest venture #6thManEntertainment with the intro ‘The 6th Man‘. As a hoops fan this analogy sat really well for me as you very rarely achieve the greatest success on the hardwood without a ‘super-sub’. ‘Black Zeus‘ kicks the musical element off and JR Swiftz crushes it (as he does with all three of his tracks) while Bad Seed gives us the hardbody vernacular.

A Hunnit Demons‘ is one of my favourite tracks from the album. The lyrics are raw and honest, while the track is haunting and eerie. As Seed himself spits – “reminds me of something the Wu featured” and he ain’t wrong. The Beat Crook CRUSHED the production on this one.

The change of pace is identifiable as this album sits in a different product to some of the other more hardcore, in your face, bully bars we’ve become accustomed to with releases like ‘Kill Switch‘, ‘The Smoke EP‘ etc. This time, we get a little more of Seed himself as evident on ‘Daddy Dearest‘. ‘Elvin‘ is a funk-infused, ol’skool banger and ‘Liverwurst‘ is an upbeat anthem with FEELING and gives you some Roots vibes. ‘Hotel Motel‘ and ‘Bake Sale‘ are two epic storytelling tracks that are like mini-motion picture sh!t too.

Bangers: A Hunnit Demons, Bake Sale, Hotel Motel, Black Zeus

Score: 8.5 / 10. Yet another high quality, hip hop album that bumps from start to finish from Seed. He knows how to rap his ass off, but his beat selection is also first class. This album, whilst different, showcases his growth, variety and ability to make music that keeps the listener engaged. Make sure you go and cop this joint now from Bandcamp as it won’t be streaming for another few weeks!

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