The Bad Seed - Everything Means Nothing Vol. 2

Let’s preface this review by telling people that we are DAMN LUCKY this project didn’t just disappear into the ether due to lack of support, funds etc. You may not like to talk about it, but we’re starting this off by keeping it a hunnid. Support the artists (and writers!) that help bring dope hip hop to the culture. None of this is free, but as Arrested Development told us “two dollars means a snack to me, but it means a big deal to you” so every little bit you can give back to the culture – it doubles and triples and makes those waves ripple. Thankfully, the hip hop community rallied and you can now witness yet another incredible audio offering from The Bad Seed and his ever growing stable of artists, peers and legends.

We will dive into Volume 2 shortly, but there is a DELUXE edition of this project which features Volume 1 and Volume 2 as well as FIVE bonus joints! Even IF these projects find their way to streaming – and that ain’t guaranteed – you won’t be finding these additional tracks, so that’s yet another reason to go and pre-order or buy or skip that morning coffee to add some dopeness to your life. Anyway, enough of the preface, it’s time to speak about The Bad Seed presents The 6: Everything Means Nothing Vol. 2.

15 tracks, no skips and so many dope features it feels like South Beach when LeBron took his talents there. You should have already heard a couple of the singles ‘LeBron Shoes‘ featuring ethemadassassin and Sixers running man LR Blitzkrieg and ‘Gichoowup‘ with Ruste Juxx joining the fray, both of which hit the headphones in completely different ways, but you also get to sample the product, that sweet audio nectar with ‘Mean Somethin‘ featuring Crotona P and Nam Nitty. One of the weirdest flexes in the game is this ‘we working’ era of buying features and verses but never developing a relationship or rapport with the people you share a track with, and Seed & co air it out over a dope, menacing track. It’s fitting this track kicks things off, because The Bad Seed has made a career of developing really dope and respected connections within the culture – and it’s how he can pull off an album, no, TWO albums, with this level of content.

Let’s talk production because once again this album hits from all over the floor! Team Demo, Murda Megz, Freakshow, Nam Nitty, CJ Dove are all back and bringing that heat on the boards. In true collaborative style, the beats are handcrafted to suit the emcee and the track which isn’t an easy feat to achieve, but Seed and the 6 make it seem effortless. One minute you’re nodding your head to a menacing, grimey joint like ‘Chocha‘ or ‘Live From The Lockeroom‘ and at other points you’re impressed by the polished, soul-infused brilliance of ‘The Corny Era‘ or ‘Top Ten‘. This album just takes you on an audio journey, weaving in and out of different lanes, visiting the cerebral of emcees and producers alike.

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The lineup of emcees that have delivered for this project is the Underground A List! Ethemadassassin, Ruste Juxx, Napoleon Da Legend, Wordsworth, Cella Dwellas… it’s crazy! But then you add in the hungry, super-talented, up and coming indie artists like Honey Dinero, Mo Rukuz, Nam Nitty, Squeegie Oblong, Crotona P etc. You would pay big money to see this kind of line up at a hip hop festival, but you can have this album, these bars, these joints in your life on the daily! It’s a guilty pleasure my people – you feel me? Artists, and I mean REAL artists, work to ensure that they deliver quality bars every time they step in the booth. And you can up the ante when you know you’re getting on an album with The Bad Seed who reminds everyone his pen is ‘Top Ten‘. The verses on these tracks are fire – moving between cleverly crafted, anecdotal social commentary, braggadocious bars or downright nasty, gritty, concrete corner street poetry.

A big shoutout also needs to be given to the Wheelmaster Tone Spliff. There is simply only a handful of people who are this talented on the cuts and Tone Spliff is regularly mentioned by artists, critics and fans alike and one the greatest to ever slice it up. He’s a highlight on every track he blesses, from ‘Live From The Lockeroom‘ to ‘All Star Weekend‘ – this project simply isn’t as good without him on it. And he has developed that craft and chemistry with nearly every artist on the album, so much so, that you can ‘feel’ the chemistry between the production, the verses and the cuts. It’s holistic, it’s authentic…. it’s hip hop.

In the modern musical landscape, there aren’t many people touching The Bad Seed, and certainly not many artists who could pull off a collaboration like this. It’s like trying to pick a favourite child when debating Volume 1 or Volume 2, so luckily we get the deluxe package and we can put it all together and enjoy the ride. This collaboration takes big kahunas to take on, and even bigger skills to deliver at such an exceptionally high level. Some of these producers and emcees are going to have larger fan bases and bigger connections and careers due to The Bad Seed presents……. And as true hip hop heads, we should be thankful for it. Modern microwave music just doesn’t feed the soul like this home cooking.

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