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Want to know how good The Bad Seed is? Even the joints that find themselves on the cutting room floor are better than most emcees albums – real talk. The Bad Seed is one of the best artists when it comes to album curation, and therefore regardless of how dope tracks are, if they don’t fit what he wants to deliver, then they don’t get put on. Now, with ‘…Oh… And Another Thing…‘ we get to hear some incredibly gifted bars and beats as a bonus to the already flaming album he dropped last month ‘Something Greater Than Myself‘. This seven track EP is full of FIRE and we are glad they saw the light of day, because there are some real anthems on this track that hip hop heads are going to love.

Rucker vs NBA‘ is a killer way to start this off. As a hoops head as well as a hip hop head, this track is perfect in every way – yes, even with the ‘no drum’ production which Nam Nitty delivers like MJ in the clutch. The lyrical metaphors linking hoops, hip hop and the roster of 6th Man Entertainment is entertaining, and no bars are sacrified to make this happen. It Ain’t Litty‘ we’ve already spoken about, but DAMN does this joint slap! Murda Megz killed the beat and Seed is relentless in his attack of the track, which has to be one of the illest songs released in 2023. It gets REALLY grimey when Team Demo drop the beat for ‘Sh!t Balloons‘ as the head nods repeatedly without any control, and the face is ALL stanked up when Seed attacks the track with his enigmatic bars. This is that concrete cracking, street soundtrack shit that we love when done properly and authentically – and Seed doesn’t do it any other way.

It’s more of that soulful, dusty boom bap with some crisp drums on ‘Yall Whylin‘ which is part haunting, and part triumph. The energy on this joint is palpable and Nam Nitty has produced a sick joint here, and of course that street corner poetry is on point from Seed. The sequel ‘She Gang Gang Too‘ is entertaining as hell, Seed once again takes us on an audio journey into the world of the ratchet and rugged over a melancholy joint from CJ Dove. It’s another hood tale delivered with wit and charisma and the production makes it a compelling listen! ‘Good Enough’ is a Takenotez produced track that has some robust substance to underpin the messages delivered from Seed. The bars match the beat and the listener gets some home truths and real talk from one of the most authentic emcees on the mic who ain’t afraid to spit the shit you need to hear.

The final track is ‘Like Mike‘ but this ain’t no commercial, movie for the kids kinda deal, this is hardbody beats produced by Tha Grinch who isn’t stingy when it comes to depth of sound or entertaining soundtracks! It’s moody, dark, somewhat cataclysmic which is exactly the kind of track The Bad Seed feeds off – bringing out that blue nose in his bars – with that killer instinct that MJ brought each and every time he stepped on the floor.

Bangers: All of them. Seven tracks of pure fire.

Score: 10 / 10. Yeah, it’s perfect and if you;ve already listened to it, you know that this score is reflective of the music you experienced. The beat choice is impeccable, The Bad Seed is not just one of the best spitters in the game, but has a pen so poisonous his albums should come with an anti-venom. Play it now, play it loud, play it often. Then go back and revisit ‘Something Greater Than Myself’. While it COULD have been one album, the ear for cohesiveness and allowing this particular group of tracks to shine by themselves was a masterstroke. Seed ain’t competing with anyone other than himself right now, for real.

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