Supreme Cerebral has been trying to tell you for years, he has a top tier pen game and he’s not afraid to use it! People have slighted the lyrical arsonist for too long, and with a stellar discography and two killer projects already under his belt in 2022, he’s back – this time with the help of Yoga Flame Kane (but more on him later) to remind hip hop heads….. he’s a bad, bad man. ‘The Bad Guy‘ is one hell of an album from the jump, and the relentless bar work and production carries all the way through with no reprieve, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The soundbyte from Scarface is iconic and sets the tone for the relentless onslaught that is to follow. Supreme Cerebral wastes no time getting his point across on ‘Knowledge God‘ “they wish to see me at my worst / I wish them all the best”…. DJ TMB kills it with the cuts too (which I’ll say now so I don’t have to continually address this throughout the four tracks he features on – but he is on POINT on those wheels… man!), and that guitar riff from Yoga Flame Kane is captivating and inspirational. We previously covered ‘Have Mercywhen it dropped and it keeps the momentum building as part of the collective project before another epic rock riff highlights the production on ‘Non Believers‘ as Supreme spits his lyrical teachings with passion and professionalism.

Napoleon Da Legend and Alpha Betic join in the verbal barrage, blessing the Yoga Flame Kane created street anthem ‘No Games‘ with some of their most potent lyrics, sharpening the lyricsal sword against Cerebral who isn’t playing on this joint. Pardon Me‘ is still CRAZY dope, even mixed in amongst all of this fire, bringing it’s own energy and letting SC unleash his impressive, pressure filled lines. MidaZ The BEAST joins the project, kicking off ‘Chain Emissary‘ with his deep, street narrative flow which works nicely alongside the enigmatic delivery of Cerebral to create something of a theme song with the Yoga Flame Kane production taking the inspirative approach.

Project Stories‘ is an emotive, introspective street narrative that further explores the songwriting ability, Supreme Cerebral possesses. The production on this is first class as well, as the track dances with nostalgic feeling under the weight of realistic poetry. As ‘Do What You Gotta Do‘ hits the headphones, it’s another head banging anthem – a perfect marriage between inspiring and bravado – as the beat and bars weave in and out with precision. Hip hop’s underground villain continues the barrage of bars with attitude on ‘Want You To Love Me‘ which is a more traditional boom bap number and the lyrics / hook hit just as hard as the drums.

“…..Vigorous, no illiterate jibberish” every track is a lesson in lyrical mayhem as ‘Drugs Nights‘ continues to impress before the penultimate track ‘Gamble‘ starts to bring the album to a close with a more deliberate, drum focused track with haunting vocal and heavy bars. Finally, ‘Dart Display‘ rounds out the album much the way we commenced this incredible audio journey, robust production and Supreme Cerebral’s wicked wordsmithing. Ralphiie Reese joins the party on this one and his baritone bars bounce around the headphones with purpose and get the face stanking.

Bangers: No Games, Knowledge God, Non Believers, Pardon Me, Gamble.

Score: 10 / 10. The production from Yoga Flame Kane is fun, refreshing, and really pushes the envelope in terms of current hip hop sound and vibe. It works incredibly well with the harsh, hardcore flow that Supreme Cerebral brings every time he picks up the mic, and along with the hand crafted features and killer wheel work from DJ TMB, it all comes together to create a masterclass in how lyrical hip hop should be presented. This is gonna stay in heavy rotation for the remainder of the year.

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By Brutus Maximus

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