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If you’re looking for dope hip hop that pushes the boundaries and doesn’t sit in the traditional ‘pocket’ then the new album from Supreme Cerebral x Reckonize Real ‘Gold Chain Warrior’ is just what you need. An incredibly gifted lyricist and venom spitting emcee, Supreme Cerebral continues to churn out high quality hip hop for the real heads. This time, as he pairs his verbal darts with the uniquely crisp and ethereal production of Reckonize Real, we get a stellar ‘left of centre’ offering that makes you spin the album again and again.

We caught up with Supreme Cerebral a month ago after a killer 2020 where he dropped dope joint after dope joint, and now 2021 has continued that celebration of authentic and individual hip hop on this latest album. ‘Gold Chain Warrior’ is a ten track, almost 30 minutes offering with bars on bars on bars from SC himself, but also some fantastic featured artists such as Eloh Kush, Rasheed Chappell, Planet Asia, Ice Lord and more. In a real ‘steel sharpens steel’ scenario, there are no ‘mailed in’ bars – instead everyone comes correct and matches the flames Supreme Cerebral brings on the regular.

Reckonize Real has been exploding on the underground hip hop scene for over a year now with projects such as ‘Audio Murals’, ‘Savageland‘, ‘The Smoke EP‘ and plenty more. ‘Gold Chain Warrior‘ is just another fantastic project to put on the resume and the beatmaker shows off his variety and ability to make authentic beats while weaving seamlessly through different spaces within the genre.

Bangers: Realest Alive, Different Cloth, It Ain’t A Game, Murder 1

Score: 9 / 10. Another fantastically unique hip hop album from Supreme Cerebral who continues to expand his prowess. The soundtrack provided by Reckonize Real is exciting and engaging within itself and the features are ALL on point. If you ain’t paying attention to joints like this, you’re really missing out on some of the realest, dopest hip hop being made right now.

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  1. That’s a damn good album, one of the best for this year so far! Also thanks for reminding me of Tek’s new album, I almost overlooked it.😅

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