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It’s another home run from Supreme Cerebral as he drops yet another HIGH QUALITY, top tier hip hop album on heads with ‘The Lost Seed of Sunjata‘. This latest album is the fourth album he’s delivered to the hip hop community in 2022 and might just be his best of the year. That’s a BOLD statement no doubt considering just how well received they have all been and especially ‘The Bad Guy where he introduced heads to Yoga Flame Kane. Supreme Cerebral gets on the mic and leaves nothing in reserve – not just spitting with a ferocious flow, but the top tier lyricism ‘puts guns to temples’ and keeps you captive from start to finish, and ‘The Lost Seed of Sunjata‘ is the perfect vehicle for this mic demolition.

Supreme Cerebral moves away from his traditional formula of working with a particular producer on each album – he enlisted Clypto for the second installment of The Loop 2: The House of Loops, Samurai War Scrolls was solely produced by the revered Budamonk and of course the aforementioned Bad Guy joint with Yoga Flame Kane. This time around, he brings in a variety of beatsmiths to provide a robust audio soundscape that will withstand the verbal onslaught, so we get beats from Tone Beatz, Pete Twist, Macapella and Brian Paul as well as some of the regular collaborators like D.Mar, Clypto, Reckonize Real, Slum Lord, Alphabetic & Rob Deniro.

Mic Tyson used to say that “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” and it’s hard not to remember that quote every time you put on a Supreme Cerebral record. This album starts off with the brutal ‘Dead Mfer‘ and even though if you’re a fan of ‘Preme you know what to expect, it still punches you right in the head. With force. “You ain’t wavy, you just ride my wave” he spits with poisonous energy. ‘It’s Like That‘ rings out like a heavyweight walking to the ring – making a powerful entrance into our headphones and mental before DJ Grazzhoppa goes ballistic on the wheels and kills this joint. It’s good to have a high quality cut-man in your corner.

Cold World‘ brings that dark, street poetry and features spitters Substance810 & Banish Habitual, while the Eyedee produced ‘Street Disciple‘ is a brooding, cautionary tale while Supreme’s verbals slice through the murky production. The Umbrella Collective’s Pro Dillinger joins forces with O The Great to spit fire alongside Supreme on ‘Clientele‘ which uses the iconic Nas sample and resonates deep in the head and heart, before ‘Money & The Power‘ slows the tempo a little musically, but the bars are still locked firmly on 100 and focuses on what’s important. Fuck the fame.

It’s another triumphant sounding battle cry with ‘American Psycho‘ before the vibe gets a little more real and reserved with the social narrative of ‘Living In These Streets‘ which paints a rough and realistic portrait of life in the concrete jungle. There is a lot of bap with the boom on ‘Writings produced by Reckonize Real and featuring Big Twins and Yolanda Sargeant, which gets the head nodding and face stanking before Yo crushes the hook and it’s followed up by ‘Survive‘ which has a soulful, funky undertone as a basis for the lyrical realism from Cerebral.

Street Visions‘ takes the listener back to those street corners in the 90’s with a laid back, dusty track that allows for verbal visuals to be delivered with clarity and such realism that you feel this joint. Planet Asia joins Supreme Cerebral on ‘Gold Chain Appeal‘, a track that is understated with the moody production allowing the emcees to really deliver their bars and resonate through the headphones while you scratch your head. The final track is ‘Wally Slang‘ featuring Eloh Kush and it’s a brilliant, blaxploitation-style soundtrack which audibly acts like the curtain falling on what has been an incredible listening journey.

Bangers: Dead Mfer, Clientele, Street Visions, It’s Like That, Writings.

Score: 10 / 10. A flawless victory for Supreme Cerebral as he perfectly balances his poignant parables with his grandiose bars and bravado. The variety of production is a guilty pleasure and the album has been carefully crafted to have a number of peaks and troughs throughout. The features are first class, but it’s Supreme who always stands out as one of the illest with the pen and on the mic. Get to revisiting your favourite albums of the year lists people, you’re going to have to find room for yet another brilliant, authentic hip hop offering from Supreme Cerebral.

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