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A Righteous Offering‘ is the third dope album dropped on unsuspecting hip hop heads in 2021 by SUBSTANCE810, who should – by now – becoming a household name as one of the most outstanding underground hip hop artists of late. We reviewed ‘The Hanging Gardens‘ when it dropped, and had that release as one of the best at the mid-way point of the year, and now we have to create room on that list for the new album!

SUBSTANCE810 is on one, not just dropping dope albums, but showcasing his pen game which is simply scorching right now. The investment in quality lyricism is paying off and it’s not going unnoticed. From the very first lines from the opening track ‘Watercolores‘, he spits vivid vocals like “Allow me to paint a picture like Basquiat / I’m a different artist with a different brush / My palettes the blood from my heart I hope it is enough“. He’s also securing some wicked features with underground mic busters like ethemadassassin, Josiah the Gift, M.A.V and J.Arrr among the collabos on this joint. It’s top tier emceeing and lyricism with a flow that is as smooth as an expensive whiskey.

The next talking point is the production from Onaje Jordan. This soundtrack is simply hypnotic. The dusty, old school vibes, the horns, the funk all tied together with fantastic samples, soundbytes and modern edge – I couldn’t get enough. The title track is one of the most authentic jams in a minute, while ‘Savage Lands / May It Be Swift’ permeates the cerebral. “A hard snare and a mean kick” is what we’re all about and then the change-up is surgically executed and brings the horns….. Hell yeah.

Bangers: Power Barz, Hometown Hero, Memorabilia, Grim Predictions, A Righteous Offering

Score: 9 / 10. If you don’t know by now, then you may never get it. SUBSTANCE810 simply has to be on your watchlist and playlists at all times. When he’s working in the zone like this over some of the best production of the year, you have an album that has to make its way into your rotation – and it likely won’t leave. Every listen is an enjoyable experience, and I should know, it’s been damn near a dozen playthroughs and counting!

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