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Ganster and a Gentleman, the Ghost, the Phantom, Holiday P! Yeah everyone knows who Styles P is and for a good reason. Not only is he one third of one of the best known hip-hop outfits but he is also one that has kept it real his whole career. And unlike Jadakiss who on every album tries to crossover and blow up it seems, P keeps it a 100 and does the music he wants. This new album is no different and even though it has a few tracks with vocals , the vocals are done right and no autotune (or i wouldn’t give it the time of day) and if commercial hip-hop was along the lines of the vocal tracks on this album then the commercial music would be as good as it was back in the day and even still it’s not as crossover as a Jadakiss album. it’s still solid and P just changes it up on every release, that is why he is so good and that alone really helps, not to mention he is a ferocious MC. Lets break down some of the cuts to get a feel of this fresh album…

TIME TRAVELER: i love the vibe and the swing on this track, it really has a nice bounce to it. From the slick synth to the drums, the percussion is really what gives it the swing as that’s what it’s for, it’s spot on and a really good opener track. Opening bars are fire. “trying to see the future, stoned like i looked into the eyes of Medusa, life’s a bitch that sing who’s the producer, dance with the devil on the floor got looser, on the highway ducking state troppers” . Plus the hook is sick, P nailed it.

FADE AWAY: has a similar bounce which i love but the drums are more dusty and has a guitar sample which fits plus the filter on the beat when the vocals come in is slick and really ads to the emotion as this track has the feel and even the vocal hook is deep.

PRIVILEGE: has a typical NY Yonkers beat and this is when P is at his best and God damn he rips this track a new one. Could recite a lyric but I couldn’t pick a better section as the whole verse is unreal and even the Barry White part just murked it. This is a must track if you love straight Bars like Sing Sing.

HIT DIFFERENT: now this is my track right here! The brass just kills it and it’s jazzy but raw and it’s a vibe for real and the hook jeez. “when I’m on the mic I spit different, if I got an enemy you know I get wid em,  dead presidents I’m thinking to flips wid em yeah, hit different”

ONLY SPENDERS: “money aint got no owners, only spenders, money aint got no owners, only spenders, you should know the time and agenda ” the realest ish I’ve heard about money on a hook since C.R.E.A.M. and if you know that’s the voice of Omar from the wire and his whole dialogue in that scene has quotables but that line right there is so true and making a track from that is pure genius.

That’s all I’m giving away and the rest of the album is to be discovered. It’s fresh, it’s real and it’s dope.

Score: 8/10 as a whole the album has many different flavas without being disjointed and it flows well and that is where many albums fall flat. It’s smooth but raw, modern but dope and Styles bars are getting better as time goes by and that’s how it should be but not always the case.

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By Brutus Maximus

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