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First off, let’s talk about the term “Underrated”. Its one of the those terms that’s thrown around a lot! Maybe more than “Classic”. Sometimes I feel artists are rated just fine but when talking about Queens native ‘Starvin B’ he truly is underrated and overlooked by a lot of so called fans and I’m talking about the same people who will think that the Album of 2021 will be ‘Jim Jones’ or ‘Kanye West! Those type of fans wouldn’t know proper hip-hop if it slapped them in the face. ‘Starvin B’ is the epitome of underrated and if the current industry wasn’t a popularity contest and was all about skill, B would be #1. ‘Starvin B’ is without a doubt one of the best spitters in the game and he always drops quality projects that never fail to impress! ‘Get Well Soon’ is one of his best albums to date and with a solid catalogue full of albums like ‘7 Train Lungs’, ‘Blood From A Stone’, ‘The Foreigner’, ‘Soul Museum’ it’s amazing how B can still put out such good material. That’s a proper artist and anytime I see new material it’s something to get very excited about.

‘Get Well Soon’ really has impeccable production but where the album really shines is Starvin B’s ability to rhyme so well whilst painting pictures, it’s a hip-hop heads wet dream come true, especially if you like lyrical bars over Boom Bap east coast beats. The album wastes no time in firing up and the first track ‘The Wiz’ gets the vibe pumping like Chest day at Golds Gym. ‘Agent X’ is a slick banger with bars from B lighting it up “Dangerous, might as well be my middle name, aimed to bus, been fucking up yo lil frame, aint shit changed, we find different ways to show our brothers love, you couldn’t get a fist bump with a rubber glove, show em what the fuck it does this is what the fuck i do, thought you was the shit, yeah you’ll always be number two” god damn. “Hall Of Science” features ‘Foul Monday’ and ‘Flushing Tek’ and it’s a trio of savagery bars with a slick beat that has a wicked wind instrument and the way it goes in and out of the hook and verse really sounds sick.

‘How Fast We forget’ yet again ‘Starvin B’ rips the granny out of this track and with the bars getting deeper this time “but guess what I’m wide awake, like my eyes are taped Looking for a way to annihilate your entire fate, I put the past in the trash bin with the has-beens,  and the last will be trapped in lab with the Muhammed Jab, cracking ya jibs its bad biz and the spliff is as loud as your generic adlibs, when I smash this fist in yo face even yo mama think you deserve it“ and over a signature east coast beat, it really does slap yo mental. ‘Pees And Ques’ is a funky type track with an unusual bounce but believe me it still works. Next few Tracks feature ‘Foul Monday’ and ‘Flushing Tek’ as the trio rip another few tracks. ‘Just Like You’ is a different vibe for Starvin as it’s about a chick but don’t get it twisted it’s no love jam or bitch track! My man still keeps it real with the bars and this is how it should be done when on this tip. And if you catch Starvin’s last bar you’ll get the metaphor fully plus the hook is sick! Reminds me of that good ol’ hip-hop hooks before the mainstream went wack. ‘Exit Scene’ really does go for the death blow as ‘Starvin’ again takes the last opportunity to really this bitch up and anyone will notice the ‘BIGGIE’ sample flipped and it’s raw as F.

Score: 10/10 Every beat and bar is impeccable and i’ve listened to this front to back every time without skipping any tracks. if that ain’t a 10 i don’t know what it. Get on this album and Starvin B as the Cat is one of the best spitters in the game and i bet most will big up Nas as AOTY but in all honesty it doesn’t have that hip hop in it’s purest form tone so i’ll go with this.

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By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!