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If underrated would be a word in the dictionary that would be explained with one image it would have a photo of Starvin B next to it. He’s got a serious body of work, and not only that, every project is Hip Hop in its purest form and fire to say the least. Guy couldn’t make wack music even if he tried. He’s worked with some great producers and MCs. Code of Ethics is no different! With that New York grit and tight production from the likes of Vic Grimes, Screwaholic and more and DJ Enyoutee mixes it well and the cuts are dope, it’s a gem of a project. Only 7 tracks but each track slaps hard with enough variation of hard beats and wicked Rhymes, it’s one not to be missed.

DJ Enyuotee Presents Starvin B Code Of Ethics Album Cover

First track ‘Something Like This’ opens the project up as smooth as a city Mayor opening a new establishment with ribbon cutting! Smooth piano melodic vibe with slapping drums and B showing you what time it is as he lays some fire bars down. 2nd ‘Just When You Thought’ (personal favourite) track absolutely bangs, this shit is the epitome of New York Hip Hop, hard punchy drums with sick samples and energy rhyming. The hook is dope too. 3rd track ‘3 times’ is a Premo style beat with chopped up samples and premo style drums, again, the hook is killer. 4th track ‘Safe House’ B teams up with long time pal Foul Monday and a kat I’m New to, Flushing Tek. All three lay down fire over a slick beat with a very distinctive snare that I absolutely dig (Drums Matter too).

DJ Enyuotee Presents Starvin B Code Of Ethics Back Cover

5th track is ‘Razor Riddick’ (sick track name) its drum heavy and has a reverb style dusty crate banging produced beat with B again killing the track. Track 6 ‘Loose Cannon’ chills the vibe down but only slightly with B spitting “talking to the computer but it doesn’t talk back, its useless compared to what the truth is, here’s a lil something for you glorified boosters, if your looking for the juice, I was up there on the roof, taking aim with the iron sight that could change your future, but you won’t see me sipping Kombucha, rather up the anti twist the panties on producers”. Dope bars but its all the way through this project so just took a pick of what to recite. The closing track ‘Won’t Be No Discussion’ is hard as hell and features the West Coast legend Planet Asia and this track is raw as sushi and closes it up nicely.

Bangers: Something Like this, Just When You Thought, 3 Times, Safe House, Won’t Be No Discussion.

Score: 8.5/10 Amazing – Not Only is Starvin B one of the most underrated, he’s one of the most consistent and has the body of work of someone in the game for over 20 years. This project slaps hard and it’s what hip hop should be. If i was to score it as an EP it would get a perfect 10 but we mark up all projects as the same so due to being short, it still gets a great score.

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