Stanton Capitol Vol 1

Stanton Capitol Recordings presents their debut album “Vol. 1”. The project features (SCR artists) Danny Fantom, K’Nen, and Jafet Muzic, alongside special guest Giankno. “Vol. 1” takes you through a journey filled with triumph and tribulation. SCR provides a cinematic soundtrack with cutting edge lyricism and concepts that put listeners in a trance from start to finish. This masterful piece of art represents the true essence of Hip-Hop while allowing its audience to explore the personal depths of each artist.

What a complete and fantastic album. There is so much passion for the craft and culture on each and every track that makes up this album, that we feel ‘part’ of the journey and production. We’ve featured Jafet Muzic before – and he brings that same authenticity and creativity this time around with his pen game as sharp as ever, but this is more than a one man show. Varied and adventurous, Vol. 1 is one of the more robust releases of 2021.

Another standout for me, is the overall length of the project. This is 14 tracks that check in close to an hour. For a lot of fans, this can seem like a long time but for me it’s the sweet spot. There are pros and cons, but when an album like this is delivered with no filler and such thought and intelligence, you need every single one of the 54 minutes to enjoy and embrace to album.

Bangers: Marble, Danger, S.O.S, Figure It Out, Second Sight

Score: 8.5 / 10. A great album. Intricate, interesting and well delivered. Take a moment to let this revolutionary project crafted by 4 young men expand your palette as they strive to bring light to the darkness.

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