Spoda The Whip Up

Love when you get a delightful surprise and ‘The Whip Up‘ from Spoda is definitely that. Now, we aren’t new to Spoda and what he can do having already dropped ‘Truth Be Told’ and ‘High Altitude’ in 2021, but this latest joint may surpass them all. Whip on the production gives us some really meaty beats that provide a solid foundation for the lyrical majesty that Spoda serves up.

It’s a well put together, ten track offering which delivers a range of street tales, cocaine rap, clever wordplay and a sprinkling of bravado and cockiness. Whip provides a range of beats, all sitting within the boom bap pocket, but using a host of different sounds, samples and instruments to create a soundtrack that is a little more eclectic than some of the current dark, dusty, drug tale soundscapes.

I dish out heat like a flame thrower” he spits on ‘Ain’t A Game’… “Bars is bullets, you nigg@s targets, you better duck“. The confidence in his pen shines through with his aggressively impassioned delivery, and every track has a moment where you hit that rewind button, or make that stankface like ‘he said that?!’. All in all, it’s a really enjoyable listen due to it’s ability to stay real and authentic while also moving through a range of topics over a variety of production.

Bangers: Whip Up, Oh Yeah, Ain’t A Game, Clueless

Score: 9 / 10. A really dope album, that just sees Spoda going from strength to strength in 2021 and this latest album really knocks it out of the park with Whip on the boards. Tune in and enjoy sharp bars, knocking beats and an album that has plenty of replay value.

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