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Spit Gemz delivers a hard hitting 6-track project ‘Eulogy For The Devil‘, a razor sharp, furiously-paced bar fest that consumes you consciousness and challenges your mental. Produced by Nickel Plated (the lead single ‘Ice Pick Lobotomy‘ is actually co-produced by Gemz as well!) the project slaps, delving into various dark pockets of boom bap, with a robustness of production that can withstand the ferociousness Gemz delivers on the mic. While it may be under 20 minutes, there is little denying the impact this project leaves – much like a High Intensity Interval Workout: The audio version, Gemz repeatedly spars with your ears and pushes your grey matter into the red zone!

The project starts with the nefarious ‘Ice Pick Lobotomyand it’s a track we cannot get sick of. The eerie melody, the killer cut work, and those bars – it’s infectious. Next up, ‘Scream Vengeance‘ eases into the audio with a haunting female vocal sample dancing through the headphones. The beat is subtle and punchy, almost mimicking a heartbeat with its delivery, and Spit Gemz just ravages the score with his deep, introspective discourse. ‘Build Destroy Build‘ is flat out menacing, with aggressive drums, sinister samples and Spit Gemz takes no prisoners, before we get a filthy, measured feature from Thirstin Howl the 3rd and commentary from Sunez Allah.

Nems jumps into the den with his trademark aggression and big dick energy on ‘Sacrificial Wolves‘. This joint is hard as a cat’s head and sits right in that perfect, boom bap, neck snapping, head nodding space, with bars that melt your face off. A more demure production reverberates through the speakers on ‘The Gods Are Lost‘, and Spit Gemz teams up with Eff Yoo to drop knowledge on listeners. A really dope track that has us fiending for more Rikers Island Boxing School music from the deadly duo! The final track ‘The Way‘ is a standout, nearly four minutes of Spit Gemz diving into the intellectual side of things and embracing the narrative he shares with the listener. It’s a robust soundscape too, thick and dark, and Gemz pulls back the curtain for all to see.

If you’ve been a fan of Gemz, you’re going to dig this new project. He has chosen his soundtrack to perfection, and placed features that really impact the tracks throughout. As always, you need multiple listens to really grasp what he speaks on, but he engages the listener with his flow, his energy and his bars which have serious substance. Check this out now.

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