Speak the Rebel Cospatriot Junkbox

The maniac is back – Speak the Rebel drops brand new music, this time alongside Promotheus, to deliver ‘Cospatriot Junkbox‘ in all its bizarre yet brilliant musical glory! Having dropped one of the best hip hop albums of 2022 with ‘Doom Poetry, Speak continues to push the musical boundaries and his microphone and pen skills, as he takes a different turn from the ultra personal , dark and moody tone of DP. Promotheus was responsible for two of the best and most brilliant tracks from Doom Poetry (Die and Selah) both of which are featured as bonus tracks on this release, so expectations on this duo are rightfully pretty damn high.

So, are hip hop heads going to be blown away by a full length collaboration of two diverse yet passionate artists who fit hand in glove, or are we going to be left underwhelmed with a full offering that can’t quite capture that lightning in a jar experience twice. Luckily for hip hop heads, it’s the former as Speak and Prom continue to push forward and challenge each other to explore themselves sonically, while holding each other accountable to delivery high quality hip hop music for those smart enough to tune in.

The album kicks off triumphantly with the title track ‘Cospatriot Junkbox‘ featuring Genosha General Ghost of the Machine, and Prom has delivered a BANGER here, like a Diddy-Godzilla number and Speak gets wacky and weird with the wordplay while Ghost matter-of-factly destroys the microphone. ‘New Revolution‘ is a more subdued yet sinister track with a moody undertone that suits the nature of the joint as Speak delivers his enigmatic social commentary before we get a Wu vibe (think ‘Ice Cream’) on ‘Happy When You Cry‘ but this is a melancholic, introspective track that allows Speak to really dive deeper into that personal prose for our entertainment and understanding.

Caravaggio‘ feels like a sci-fi anthem as it delicately dances into atmospherical hip hop, but Speak certainly keeps us grounded in the ‘artisticly brilliant yet controversial’ nature of the title of the track before doing a complete 180 with ‘Dickspin‘ featuring Paranoah which is equal parts dark and disturbed – but completely entertaining. The guitar riff on ‘Platinum Zambonis‘ is funky yet fierce and serves as the perfect sonic underscore for the fun and ferocious flow that Speak drops all over the track, then it’s a quick dash to the middle eastern inspired ‘Yo! CTE Raps‘ which is melodic yet somehow menacing due to the engaging delivery Speak drops.

It gets dusty and more boom bappy when ‘Not Your Answers‘ hits the headphones and this is right in that pocket I love so much – quality bars over delightfully put together instrumentals and nice drums that kick. ‘Greta Goons‘ features Speak the Rebel’s alter-ego Judas Presley, and it is a slowed-down track but far from pedestrian as it makes me feel like I’m gonna have to put the lotion on the skin or else I’ll get the hose again. The boom bap is back again on ‘Mask Down Nixon‘ and the horns hit so heavy I expected Vinnie Paz to start rapping about a rambo knife, but Speak does this track justice and his poetry is potent.

Paradise Of The Locust‘ is grimey goodness. Speak is as enigmatic as ever as he spits his truths over menacing Promotheus production, dropping bars like “If only heart reacts could save the world……”. That’s classic Speak. The final track ‘Hedgefund Handgun‘ hits like the outro to a Quentin Tarantino flick, as the guitar strings resonate through the speakers and Speak the MF Rebel just gets to dropping bars without the ‘theatrics’ and it brings that authenticity very few can speak to. And dude can sing – it’s not quite a combination of Fergie and Jesus, but it’s close.

Bangers: Hedgefund Handgun, Not Your Answers, Mask Down Nixon, Cospatriot Junkbox.

Score: 9 / 10. After more than a handful of listens, this album still hits differently every spin, due to the nature of the variety of content. This isn’t as ‘traditionally cohesive’ as Doom Poetry was, rather this really pushes the envelope and explores a range of musical elements that Speak and Prom really suit. This has HUGE replay potential because Speak actually spits some pretty complex bars when you unwrap it, but you need a few listens because there are so many intricacies in the message and the music, that it’s not apparent the first time through. Another high quality project from an artist who isn’t afraid to experiment and get out of the comfort zone in order to create new art.

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