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Skyzoo is one of the nicest emcees in the game. Always dropping fire and always doing some great work with other emcees and producers. This EP is no different and the themes backdrop is so dope and the cover gives a hint to what the backdrop is. It is about fatherhood and in general about black fatherhood and uses Boyz N The Hood as the backdrop and damn its near perfect for the topic at hand. It’s a great story driven project and it works both ways and it could be about his personal life growing up or about Tre and his father from Boyz N The Hood and it plays through masterfully. The jazzy touches over Boom Bap capture the era but obviously Skyzoo keeps it NY. The skits are clever and some are funny and of course from the film but when and where they are used works so well.

As an EP there is plenty of content over 7 tracks and around 24 minutes long. I’ve listened to some LP albums recently that were barely 30 minutes or just over the half hour mark so as an EP it’s ram packed with lyrics, skits and sick production.

Bangers: Memory Serves Me, Turning 10, Duffle Bag Weekends, Eyes Wide Shut, A Song For Fathers.

Score: 9/10 Skyzoo is so consistent when it comes to quality and this little gem of an EP carries on tradition. With a great theme and an amazing landscape backdrop this is one that will become a classic EP no doubt.

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