Skanks the Rap Martyr

Skanks the Rap Martyr is back with another album chock full of robust rapping and drum heavy, boom bap production that can withstand the ferocity the Bankai Fam emcee delivers when on the mic. ‘Rest In Peace To The Beats‘ is eleven tracks of high quality hip hop, street narratives and concrete anthems – with a handful of guest appearances from some brutal wordsmiths. As we have come to expect, Skanks is not backward in coming forward and he wears his heart on his sleeve, and this album is another project that demonstrates that authenticity along with the skills.

Hip Hop Citizen‘ is a more demure track to start proceedings, a nice, melodic and slow-paced beat for Skanks to really ride effortlessly over in delivering his prose. ‘If You Loved Me‘ ups the energy as Skanks gets intropsective with his street poetry over a really funky, crisp, soulful track before ‘What’s That Sound‘ really dives into that boom bap pocket, with the cuts and the dustry drums – and Skanks really switching it up and getting ferocious on the mic with his braggadocious bars.

We get a really dope Method Man sample to set off ‘Rawhead‘ and Skanks delivers some of his more ‘in-your-face’ bars over a head nodding number, then the keys cut through the drums on ‘2Face‘which is a more ethereal joint, but the bars are as fierce as any as he explores the duality of his persona. ‘Mind Control‘ brings a really funky, boom bap joint that is reminiscent of the Illmatic era, and Skanks get busy with his flow taking on a little more urgency as he delivers his message.

One For The Team‘ has a dope energy and it’s not just the enigmatic hook, it’s the marriage of the drums and beat, the narratives from Skanks and Haz Diggz – it’s the complete package. As soon as ‘Furious Styles‘ starts, it brings a completely different feel to the album. It’s still a cohesive track that works well with the album, but it certainly brings a diverse vibe through each emcees sixteen and the production which is unique and intriguing.

The very simple keys that jumpstart ‘Remarkable Timing’ are reminiscent of a nursery rhyme, but as soon as Skanks gets on the mic, this isn’t for the faint of heart. ‘Antics on the 3 Line‘ is next and it’s an upbeat joint that gets the whole body diddy bopping all over the place and certainly a highlight of the album, before we close things out with a simplified track and Skanks spitting bars on the Boondocks inspired ‘Riley Freeman Outro‘.

This is well worth your time and energy. Skanks always brings authentic bars, and the production on this album weaves in and out of various sub-genres and pockets which makes it an interesting and entertaining listen. Skanks picks his features well as each verse adds a little something to the track. It’s short – as a lot of modern music releases are these days, but that just means you can spin it more often! Check it out now.

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By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!