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REVIEW: Skanks The Rap Martyr – Out of Nowhere

Skanks The Rap Martyr - Out of Nowhere Album Cover

Skanks from Bankai Fam has been releasing some dope content lately and if your looking for one of those albums that’s full of lyrical fire content, dope hooks and bangers that crack the concrete then ‘Out of Nowhere’ is for you and, with sick production from ‘The Last Composer’ the album is a real gem. It was a surprise release on Friday 13th as Skanks announced it on social media the night before that he will be dropping an album and damn, for a surprise album it was as good as any release this year and is definitely one of his best to date. Even the cover is dope. The Freddy glove ripping through the front on Friday 13th is a nice touch and the album title fits the theme too.

The First cut is a taste of the album and track 2 ‘Loud’ has both Skanks and Starvin B rip a sick beat up as the album starts to roll. ‘Sell outs’ is a serious banger, cold beat and wicked rhymes ”i ain’t hating i’m upset bruh, you doing stuff i ain’t expect bruh, how you gon do that dick rider shit?, i go upside yo head just so i can inside of it, and if i see your brain i’ll keep an eye on it, i’m trying to see what’s on your mind i’m sick and tired of this”! Had me in stitches and the flow is so dope, reminds me of Suga Free. ‘Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You’ is how you make a track about a chick without it being some soft ass p***y ish. ‘Jealousy’ is the first and only track Featuring the whole Bankai Fam and has a jamaican hook, i love that sound and nothing sounds more gangster.

‘Faceoff’ is an orchestral heavy beat and Skanks and Lucky Tatt rip it up. ‘Speak Soft’ is one of my fav cuts from the album and Rim Da Villian is mad dope. ‘They did it’ is another orchestral heavy track but this time with Orc hits and wow this ish is raw, Skanks kills it and Poison Pen murks it too, tracks HARD.’N.A.K.A’ Ft. the one and only Ruste Juxx and every Hip Hop head is a Juxx fan (they should be) and Skanks and Juxx together is a wack rappers worse nightmare. That is just a taster of some of the dope tracks from ‘Out of Nowhere’ and to be honest there is no bad tracks as i didn’t skip one track from around 6 or 7 full play throughs.

BANGERS: Loud, Sell Outs, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Jealousy, Faceoff, Speak Soft, They Did It, N.A.K.A.

SCORE: 9/10 This is the epitome of an underground Hip Hop album and i can’t stop listening to it right now. Being it has 15 tracks but only 38 minutes longs its’s a touch on the short side but it’s still is a great album, just loses one point as it would of been a perfect score if it was a little longer.

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