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REVIEW | Shy the BeatYoda presents The Rebel Embassy

Shy The BeatYoda

It’s been a couple of weeks catching up on all the FIRE that has been dropped over the past month (and the year so far – hot DAYUM!) but a well-deserved review is now being blessed upon Shy The BeatYoda presents The Rebel Embassy. At Raw Side Hip Hop we love trying to unearth as much ‘new’ hip hop and give it some time in the limelight, but we don’t catch everything and this one flew under the radar until my man Lex and Hip Hop Lifer Shando got it in the scope. It’s a dope album, smooth vibes, great chemistry between the crew and a very worthwhile listen – so let’s talk about it!

The Rebel Embassy consists of Shy The BeatYoda, Detales, Le Zeppo, E. Smitty, 9th Uno and Gideon Knight. These cats each play their role and create really interesting, sharp and dusty hip hop that gets the head nodding and keeps you entertained. ‘The Platoon‘ explodes into your ear drums and it feels like DPG meets Wu Tang as each emcee takes a turn of slaying the beat which comprises intricate sounds including samurai swords and what could be lasers and helicopter blades. It’s crazy. ‘Motion Picture Shit‘ uses a delightfully delicate piano to evoke emotion from the beat, as the crew once again paint pictures with their bars and the hook is catchy and breaks up the barmageddon. Next up, we get a smooth, RnB infused ‘The Champs Are Here‘ which is a chilled, laid back joint but still has some well crafted wordplay for those who want their mind (and ladies who want their bodies) seduced.

The Big Show‘ hits hard from the jump with deep key chords setting the darker, eerie tone as they spit “Rebel Embassy’s what’s left of the truest” and go on to spit some killer bars, bring the bravado and cement themselves as a crew to help carry hip hop forward. It’s more upbeat, but still semi-sinister sounding production on ‘Levi Eye‘ which is a shorter track, but it’s punchy as the microphone remains true for the Rebel Embassy crew. The production for ‘Chainsaw Rap‘ ups the ante, adds a really edgy feel to the sharp drums which really snap – as do the emcees – who are sitting in the pocket and just launching 16’s after 16’s with potency. A slight shift in approach for the crew on ‘Make Up Your Mind‘ which drops in some more subdued drums that allow the keys to shine. Rebel Embassy just ride this beat effortlessly, each emcee just flowing and the collaborative hook pops.

The futuristic sounding ‘Rebel March‘ would have a place in any sci-fi, Star Wars, Mandalorian spin off with it’s dope synth work. The multifaceted crew once again step up to the mic like they want to destroy it, with some clever punchlines, witty wordplay and flat out bully bars that put you in the thick of the action. ‘From the Ashes‘ strips it right back and takes the foot off the gas, creating a more purposeful and poignant track with enchanting pan-flutes just dancing in the background while each emcee spits their street poetry. To finish this album off, we get a BANGER with big horns and dope flows that are remiscent of a young Jay-Z. ‘Yellow Bus‘ closes out the album with a hugely positive ‘crew love’ energy and has the listener hooked and ready for more.

Bangers: Chainsaw Rap, Yellow Bus, The Big Show, The Platoon.

Score: 8.5 / 10. The Rebel Embassy have now hit the ‘must listen’ list with this album. The flow of each emcee and their ability to create cohesive and quality hip hop has me fiending for more from the crew. Groups in hip hop are a guilty pleasure and while we get ‘collaborations’, it just isn’t the same as a proper collective and The Rebel Embassy are the latter. Interesting flows, varied subject matter, engaging overall product….. Get this in the headphones people!

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